They’re Making an ‘Office’ Movie…in Germany

As you may know, there are a whole slew of localized versions of The Office, and it looks like one of them, Germany’s Stromberg, is headed to the big screen. They’ve actually been trying to make a movie version of the show for a while over there, and are only now doing so after raising $1.3 million via crowdsourcing:

The move to crowd-funding was spectacularly successful. Brainpool raised its €1 million target in a single week as more than 3,000 fans invested up to €1,000 each in exchange for a small equity stake a share in the film’s future profits. The move created a major buzz around the project and helped convince state funding boards to get behind it.

It seems unlikely that the US version will ever be turned into a movie. For one thing, the German version had 46 episodes. Ours? Comin’ up on 185. Not exactly leaving people wanting more, for better or worse.

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