‘We Hate Paul Revere’ Might Be AMC’s First Comedy

The AMC network has been dominating the TV drama world ever since Mad Men and Breaking Bad launched in 2007/08, but the network has yet to launch an original comedy to join its wave of critically-acclaimed dramas. That may change soon as AMC is developing a Colonial Boston sitcom called We Hate Paul Revere, Deadline reports. The show is created and produced by Adrian Wenner and Ethan Sandler, a duo who served as writer/producers on Whitney and TBS’s My Boys, and it centers on two brothers in Colonial Boston who absolutely detest Paul Revere. Prior to them landing TV jobs, Wenner and Sandler’s play Epitaph won awards at the HBO Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2004. AMC’s last stab at developing an original comedy was How to Cheat on Your Wife from creator Rob Roy Thomas, which was in development last year but wasn’t picked up. This new comedy should fare better though because it gives viewers the opportunity to unite over the fact that we all hate Paul Revere and think he was a shitty colonist.

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