You Had To Be There #90: H. Alan Scott

This week the ladies may seem hostile up top, but that’s only because of their air travel woes and rebelling brains. Sara’s actually been pretty happy lately, having just spent the weekend joyriding around Richmond on a Christmas-house hunt, a family tradition. Nikki’s known her guest, the comic and writer H. Alan Scott (Twitter, HuffPo), since high school, where they both had their first forays into performance thanks to theater. After addressing the universal confusion of dick pics and dental dams, H.A.S. reveals what he’s been up to for much of 2012: battling cancer. He’s had enough time over the months of treatment to rack up some fascinating thoughts on the tedium of the disease and the humanity around him. However harrowing Scott’s stories get, he always includes something weirdly relatable, like Target’s calming therapy or proven strategies for puking. Talking pee includes shout-outs to an empowering Ted Talk, a tight glasses-maker, and the utterly addicting The John Friedman Internet Program. This hour’s sobering and hilarious, but above all it’s great.

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