You Had To Be There #91: Emmy Blotnick & Gabe Gronli

This week, the ladies start off by introducing the first company brave enough to sponsor You Had To Be There:! Audible hosts a virtually limitless selection of audio books and they currently have a sweet deal going on: if you start a no-fee risk-free month-long trial via, you get a no-questions-asked audiobook fer keeps and (as long as you follow that link) YHTBT’ll get some coin tossed its way. So please do that!

Then, after passing judgement on sexy cell phones, celebrity commentators, and TV doctors, Nikki and Sara take you further behind-the-scenes of their in-the-works series by welcoming writers Emmy Blotnick and Gabe Gronli to the podcast. Their conversation is peppered with embarrassing tales that are hilarious in hindsight, but what it really zeroes in on are infections, everything from your deadly staph to your pesky urinary tract. The gang eventually talk some figurative pee about good ol’ Radiolab, a newfound favorite fruit, a sleek design blog, and former guest Joe DeRosa‘s Nikki-starring web series We Should Break Up.

And FYI: Sara and Nikki will be taking next week off due to holidays and travel and things, but to help fill the silence you should explore the podcast’s back-catalog, check out their new show’s MTV and FB pages, and get cracking on that free audiobook we discussed earlier.

Download now (MP3), grab it from iTunes, or listen to the stream below.

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