Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

CBS Orders Pilots from Greg Garcia and 'Happy Endings' Writer Brian Gallivan

Pilot season is underway, as the major networks are all buying up new shows in bulk to become potential series in the fall. CBS just purchased three new comedies, two created by Raising Hope/My Name Is Earl/Yes, Dear head honcho Greg Garcia and another from Brian Gallivan (pictured), a Second City vet and a writer for Happy Endings. Gallivan's pilot is The McCarthys, a single-camera family comedy written by Gallivan and loosely based on his life as the only gay son of a sports-loving Irish-Catholic family in Boston. It sounds promising and not like the type of show you usually get on CBS. If it gets picked up, it'll be the network's first single-camera comedy since the short-lived sitcom Worst Week in 2008.

Greg Garcia's two shows are a multi-camera pilot called Super Clyde about a shy fast food worker who decides to become a superhero and an untitled single-camera show about a recently-divorced guy whose parents unexpectedly move in with him. Garcia's commitment to his Fox series Raising Hope is over at the end of the show's third season in May, although it's expected to be renewed. Let's just hope he combines his two pilots into one so it's about a shy fast food worker who becomes a superhero after getting a divorce and having his parents move in with him.

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  • RG

    Seems like the superhero series should be them single-camera show and the one about the domestic situation should be the multi-cam one. That is, if single cam means no studio audience. The whole thing about the number of cameras they use can be kind of confusing to a regular person when the presence or lack of a studio audience seems to be the main point.