Monday, January 28th, 2013

Fox Officially Cancels 'Ben and Kate'

The Fox network pulled its critically-acclaimed but underwatched comedy Ben and Kate from the air last week, but now word has come in that the network has officially canceled the show. Fox has not said when the final two episodes will air. It's a huge bummer for fans of one of the year's best new shows, but Ben and Kate will now join the esteemed company of critically-acclaimed comedies like Arrested Development, Undeclared, and The Ben Stiller Show that Fox canceled to soon and will hopefully find a second life on DVD.

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  • Linkhare

    So, so, so, so sad. Now i'll be 50% less happy every week. Now we only got Parks and Rec to continue our good feelings.

  • Slutface

    This is crap. Mindy should be cancelled.

  • http://twitter.com/imnotblex bryan alexander

    First the b and now b&k why lord why