Friday, January 11th, 2013

Nick Kroll's Dad Used to Run His Own "Sort of Private CIA" and Sold It for $100 Million

The NY Times has an excellent interview with Nick Kroll, star of the new Comedy Central series Kroll Show and FX's The League. Amongst other things discussed during the piece is the comedian's dad Jules Kroll's private investigation agency, which The Times once described as "a sort of private CIA." The company, Kroll Inc., is credited with creating the corporate intelligence industry, often working to pursue financial crime across international borders and recover wealth plundered by dictators. Jules Kroll sold his share of Kroll Inc. in 2004 for close to $100 million. When asked by The Times how his father's business impacted his childhood, Nick Kroll said, "I had a completely normal childhood. That said, when my dad was hired by the Kuwaiti government to find Saddam Hussein's money when I was 14, we had a cop who would monitor the house to make sure everything was O.K. Besides that, I never felt any weirdness." So, Nick Kroll went into pretty much the complete opposite of the family business.

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  • nickkrollawesome

    Nicks dad still runs tons of companies. Jules appears to be associated with nearly every dark chapter in American History. Recently, his operatives have been shown to be corrupt in Brazil and Ecaudor. Jules is even implicated in the NSA scandals. Nick is not above taking advantage of the massive power and wealth of Kroll Inc. He showed his loyalty to cancer comic, Tig Notaro, when he used dad's epic resources to silence a woman who had written uncomplimentary things about Notaro on the internet, after tig had falsely accused her and had her blackballed in comedy for no reason. Nick Kroll is a super awesome friend to have. Diss him or a friend of his and one call can get them assassinated, or at least- decimated. While the NSA is beholden to some laws- Kroll is not. Nick Kroll has a lot of family in every position of power and in the press- he can have a comedy career without paying any dues.

  • Vince B.

    Don't forget Kroll Inc.'s involvement in the 9/11 events… I won't go into the details (look up whistleblower Richard Andrew Grove's work) but amongst other things they were responsible for revamping security at the World Trade Center after the 1993 bombing. Of course this does not imply Nick Kroll knows any of this but this is still noteworthy.