Rolling Stone’s “50 Funniest People” Gets Some Stuff Right and Some Stuff Wrong, Like All Lists

Rolling Stone just released a list of “The 50 Funniest People Now,” and like all lists like this, it’s completely subjective and silly (hey, we publish a lot of lists here too. This IS the internet). That said, the editorial staff at Rolling Stone deserves a lot of credit for working some lesser-known up-and-comers (Michael Che, Rebel Wilson) and cult favorites you wouldn’t expect to see on a list like this (Maria Bamford, Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster) into the usual batch of big names you see constantly gracing the covers of magazines’ comedy issues. Louis C.K., Stephen Colbert, and Tina Fey earned the top three spots, which isn’t too surprising, but there are also some egregious inclusions taking up spots from more deserving comedians. I’m not gonna single out any comedians for not belonging on this list – because these things are subjective and I want to spare myself the wrath of Ricky Gervais’s fans in the comments section – but it’s pretty silly that Charles Barkley earned a spot (#48) while the list left off actual comedians who do comedy like Conan O’Brien, Steve Carell, Andy Richter, Jim Gaffigan, Maya Rudolph, Bobby Moynihan, Dan Harmon, Sarah Silverman, Jason Sudeikis, Andy Daly, Kate McKinnon, Key & Peele, Judd Apatow and the Entire Judd Apatow Organization (Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, et al), the Corddry/Huebel/Scheer/Kroll gang, and the entire casts of Happy Endings and Community.

Nonetheless, hit the jump for the full list!

50. Michael Che
49. Joan Rivers
48. Charles Barkley
47. Jimmy Fallon
46. Daniel Kitson
45. Melissa McCarthy
44. Tracy Morgan
43. @DadBoner (Mike Burns)
42. David Sedaris
41. Mindy Kaling
40. Paul F. Tompkins
39. Maria Bamford
38. Patton Oswalt
37. Scott Aukerman
36. Kristen Schaal
35. David Letterman
34. Michael Ian Black
33. Nick Offerman
32. Bill Murray
31. Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster
30. Rebel Wilson
29. Jerry Seinfeld
28. John Mulaney
27. Rob Delaney
26. John Oliver
25. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein
24. Seth Meyers
23. Hannibal Buress
22. Bill Maher
21. Tig Notaro
20. Marc Maron
19. David Cross
18. Howard Stern
17. Jimmy Kimmel
16. Ricky Gervais
15. Kevin Hart
14. Will Ferrell
13. Aziz Ansari
12. Larry David
11. Zach Galifianakis
10. Kristen Wiig
9. Bill Hader
8. Lena Dunham
7. Chris Rock
6. Amy Poehler
5. Trey Parker and Matt Stone
4. Jon Stewart
3. Tina Fey
2. Stephen Colbert
1. Louis C.K.

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