Monday, January 7th, 2013

Watch Bill Cosby Make Jimmy Fallon Really, Really Uncomfortable

TV legend Bill Cosby was a guest on Late Night Friday and took the opportunity to pick on Jimmy Fallon the entire time. He even ended up singing with the Roots. Cosby's old TV daughter Tempestt Bledsoe (who, full disclosure, acts on the Fallon-produced NBC sitcom Guys with Kids) was the second guest, and Cosby hung around to continue to bust Fallon's balls, hog the stage, and be really funny. Hit the jump for the rest of the episode.

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  • Fart Butt

    Farting feels good!

  • Fart Machine

    farting is good for the planet

  • fard muhammad

    The Cos snuck in a Hikky Burr. Fantastic. :)

  • Dane

    Good, he needs a few laughs for his show