Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Watch Nick Kroll and John Mulaney Reprise Their "Oh, Hello" Characters for 'Kroll Show'

Here's a brand new clip from Nick Kroll's Comedy Central series Kroll Show in which he and SNL writer John Mulaney reprise their "Oh, Hello" characters, George St Geegland (Mulaney) and Gil Faizon (Kroll). Kroll and Mulaney created the characters, a pair of Alan Alda-obsessed, Upper West Side, middle-aged divorcees, whom they've  played onstage and in viral videos since 2008. In this clip, George and Gil are hosting a prank show called Too Much Tuna, pulling a fun joke on Gil's stepson Elon (played by Kroll Show writer Joe Mande). Kroll Show premieres next Wednesday at 10:30, but is it too soon to start hoping for an "Oh, Hello" spin-off?

And if you're a Nick Kroll fan, be sure to check out his character "Bobby Bottleservice's top 10 most awesomeist moviez of 2012" on Tumblr.

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  • Chuck

    Ehhh, when's the cancellation date

    • Al

      The just picked it up for season three, fuck you chuck

  • R-burger

    I like Nick Kroll's standup and his work on The League. However his characters are painfully unfunny.

  • Colin Perkins

    What in the hell are Chuck & R-burger talking about?

  • Kayla

    Nick Kroll is a good comedian, but the first episode of this show was a little disappointing