Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Amy Sedaris Joins Adult Swim's 'The Heart, She Holler' for Season Two

Amy Sedaris is returning to TV with her first regular TV gig since her cult hit series Strangers with Candy went off the air in 2000. Adult Swim just announced today that Sedaris has been added to the cast of its nightmarish live-action 11-minute comedy series, The Heart, She Holler, which debuted as a six-part miniseries in November of 2011 but has been renewed for a second season. The PFFR-produced show also stars Patton Oswalt, Heather Lawless, and Joe Sikora and follows a cartoonish, inbred Southern family. Sedaris will be playing oversexed sister Hurshe Heartshe, the role that comedian Kristen Schaal played in Season One. Adult Swim confirms that Sedaris is taking over the part because Schaal was unavailable for the production schedule. Regardless, it'll be great to see the very talented Amy Sedaris back on TV on a regular basis whenever Adult Swim debuts The Heart, She Holler's new season.

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  • broketheinterweb

    Awesome! She looks great.

  • Retnan

    Why God? I didn't find this out till I saw the premiere. Schaal was great, Sedaris' version of the character is fugly.

    • arniel


  • 46and3

    AkinI started getting into the show before the premiere of the second season. I really liked the enigmatic sort of theme they were going for. This second season though… it's terrible and annoying. It obviously took zero effort, and Amy Sedaris ruined it all with her overacting replacing an already established character. You guys shouldve sucked it up and somehow continued with kristen. Severely disappointed i cant believe I cant even finish watching it now. Stop making them you guys all know you are producing crap for television now. I'm not watching this anymore. Way to abuse the privilige of "communicating" your "art" to the fine patrons of Adult Swim. I think I hate you.
    Peace and love,
    Brandon and Briana Hartze.

    Please stop making this new season.
    Did anyone in production even watch the finished product before airing??