Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Louis C.K.'s New Hour Special 'Oh My God' Debuts on HBO April 13th

Louis C.K. is still keeping up with this "one new hour a year thing." His latest stand-up special, entitled Louis C.K.: Oh My God, is set to debut on HBO on April 13th at 10pm, the pay-cable network just announced. This marks C.K.'s second hour-long special for HBO after 2007's Shameless. Releasing the special on HBO marks a step in a surprising direction after C.K. self-released his last hour, Live at the Beacon Theater, on his website for $5 and made a ton of cash. C.K., however, has said he'll be releasing Oh My God on his website for the same low price a few months after the HBO premiere. The new hour, which the comedian has been touring around the country the past few months, was recorded at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. According to the press release from HBO, it features him talking about "the food chain, animals, divorce, strange anecdotes, broken morality, murder and mortality." So, if you're a fan of Louis C.K. or "strange anecdotes," tune in April 13th!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/parmahn Par Mahn

    Louie must realise that by doing it this way, he's likely to lose the majority of his website sales. As soon as it's aired on HBO, it's exclusiveness has disappeared, and his fans eager to see it will just download it illegally as it pops up all over the internet.

    Wasn't the whole point of the $5 download from his website an attempt to offer an immediately available legal version to combat illegal downloads that people would look out for? A few months later is too long.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iamtruckerjohn John Giuffré

    I agree with Par, however I think he might be trying to find a way to combine the mediums. Have his content on TV but still have control of it – much like "Louie." Maybe he's not trying too hard to combat piracy this time?