Friday, February 22nd, 2013

'Parks and Rec' and 'Community' Hit Rating Lows, But at Least They're on a Fifth Place Network

Last night's super funny and sweet Ben and Leslie wedding episode of Parks and Recreation and the Inspector Spacetime convention episode of Community failed to draw in more viewers – in fact, they each hit series lows. Parks got a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 3.03 million viewers overall, and the show's second new episode got a 1.4 and 2.91 million. Community received a 1.1 rating and 3.8 million overall viewers.

While the continued low ratings are bad news for these shows, the network they're airing on isn't doing much better. For the February "sweeps" period – which stations use to score high ratings so they can determine ad rates – NBC fell to fifth place, behind ABC, CBS, Fox, and Spanish-language Univision. At least Parks and Rec and Community aren't airing on those other networks where they'd be expected to pull in big numbers. With 30 Rock and The Office ending their runs this season, these are NBC's only veteran sitcoms that have a chance at renewal next year. NBC is looking to make a comeback in the fall, having ordered more comedy pilots – and more pilots overall – than any other network. Hopefully, Parks and Rec and Community will be amongst these new shows when they debut in the fall.

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  • BillBrasky2620

    Even though I'm a fan of the show, would it really be a good idea for "Community" to come back for another season next year? I think even people who are enjoying this season so far would have to admit it's definitely not as good without Dan Harmon's involvement, not to mention the fact that going beyond four seasons would change the dynamic of the show a lot (these people have to graduate at some point). Chevy is already gone, and Donald Glover was making a pilot for his own show with NBC this pilot season (although I guess it didn't get picked up). It just seems like everybody is kind of ready to move on at this point, so I don't see what the point would be to lock them into a fifth season that nobody really wants to do.
    Parks & Rec should definitely be renewed for another full season, then maybe a seventh season of 13 episodes like 30 Rock, depending on how everyone feels at the end of the sixth season about doing another one. Six seasons is a long time for any show.
    I am sure that next season Thursday nights will include Michael J. Fox's new show, and possibly "Go On', depending on how much they feel like sticking with Matthew Perry as a known entity, but hopefully at least one of the new pilots (maybe the ones with Craig Robinson, Ellie Kemper, or John Mulaney) will be picked up and given a spot on Thursdays.
    There's also the potential for new shows on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well, depending on whether they decide to stick with "Whitney" and "Guys With Kids" or try something different. The show with Sean Hayes and Thomas Lennon (produced by Victor Fresco of 'Better Off Ted" fame) sounds really good, and it's a multi-cam show (as is Mulaney's show).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Mclachlan/747758431 Jeff Mclachlan

    It's not a good time to be a sitcom that requires actually being watched to generate full enjoyment. CBS seems to be really giving people what they want with it's full slate of shows you can listen to while putting the kids to bed or doing the laundry without missing anything at all.

  • Petri

    Based on the 3 episodes aired so far I'd say, "NBC, feel free to cancel Community any time you like."

  • http://twitter.com/plyrene Peter Lyrene

    Pretty sad that some of the most-watched network shows via streaming services like Hulu are getting cancelled for low ratings (and replaced by shit multi-cam sitcoms) RIGHT as Nielson announce they're finally going to start factoring digital streamings into their ratings formula