Friday, March 22nd, 2013

ABC Starts a Campaign to Save 'Happy Endings' from ABC

The ABC sitcom Happy Endings has been in ratings trouble for two seasons despite a ton a critical acclaim, and now ABC itself has started the "Save Happy Endings" movement, using the slogan in their latest ads for the show. This is a first – a network launching one of these "save our show" campaigns instead of the fans – and it's pretty strange considering that ABC is asking fans to save Happy Endings from the ABC executives who will decide whether it gets canceled or renewed in the next couple months.

After two months off the air, Happy Endings is returning with back-to-back episodes each Friday night beginning next week on March 29th at 8pm. TV by the Numbers wrote this week that – based on ratings so far this season – Happy Endings is "certain to be canceled" and "fans are kidding themselves if they think ABC will renew it." So, it makes sense that ABC executives are scared that they're about to cancel Happy Endings right now. I mean, if ABC really wanted to save Happy Endings, they probably wouldn't have given it a late premiere in an insanely competitive Tuesday night timeslot, moved the show around, taken it off the schedule for two months, and then given it a "Friday night death slot," but it's nice that they're at least pretending to be interested in saving the show from themselves.

Here's the weird, weird "Save Happy Endings" ad:

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Silks Yaniv Eidelstein

    Not a first… Fox did the same thing with Arrested Development. In April 2005 they launched an astroturf website called getarrested.com to get people involved in saving the show.

  • http://twitter.com/pdxfilms greg day

    If ABC really was interested in getting people to watch Happy Endings, they would allow it to be seen on Hulu. I know it's probably up to Sony Pictures that produces the show more than ABC, but still, it's a sign of the times when a network or studio won't release their shows to online distribution yet complain that they are losing viewers.
    Heck, even HBO is looking like they will finally open up HBO Go to non-cable subscribers.

    • http://twitter.com/sarahfondest Sarah Fonder

      This is a good point, but all of the most recent episodes are on Hulu if I'm not mistaken. Whether or not networks count internet views though is a very good question. If they don't, they really, really should. A lot of people do their TV-watching on computers these days, myself included.

  • D-LO

    I really like this show!!! I feel like i shouldnt watch this network anymore. Ugh!!