Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Nick Swardson Is Taking Rob Schneider's Place in 'Grown Ups 2'

It looks like one of the stars of Grown Ups will be missing when the inevitable sequel comes out this summer. Rob Schneider is the only one of the central five characters who isn't returning for Grown Ups 2, and he's been replaced by his fellow Adam Sandler regular Nick Swardson. Swardson will play an alcoholic school bus driver who's the brother of Rob Schneider's character from the original and sports a similar hairstyle.

The reasons for Schneider not being included in the film are unclear. In a radio interview last year, Schneider cited money issues and a scheduling conflict with his CBS sitcom Rob, explaining, "They're doing Grown Ups 2 without me. Mistake. They should have paid me a lot of money … Well, truthfully, I wasn't sure if I'd have my TV series, so it was an availability thing, but at the end of the day, they should have [said], 'What money does Rob need?'" The scheduling conflict story doesn't quite check out as Rob had been canceled by CBS in May of last year ahead of Grown Ups 2's production, and the movie was filmed during the summer, which is a production hiatus for most network shows. Schneider has also been conspicuously absent from Sandler's last three movies, which is strange considering he's been in nearly every Adam Sandler movie up to that point, so start throwing around your conspiracy theories now.

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  • http://obscenebinary.tumblr.com/ GoldRhapsody

    My guess is that Rob Schneider is too busy waking up as a stapler.

    • Ashley Bottoms

      …or as a carrot…lol…

      • Daniel Amaya

        Yes. or as a derp a der.

    • emma852

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      • GetaLife

        screw you spammer

  • beans

    Rob Scneider is very versatile. He can play serious roles in rollercoaster dramas (The Animal), meaningful civil rights pieces (The Hot Chick), and gritty action flicks (Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo). A real dilettante, he is.

    • peter

      But he not as good as the other

    • E71

      You're hilarious. Those movies you listed are still way between than the tired garbage that Sandler produces:


    • Guest

      Rob Played in grown ups 2 !!! This article is just a cheap tabloid

  • NoPantsMcLane

    He is too busy working on Knock Off 2. Or maybe that is just in my dreams.

    • Alexh45

      Hahahahaha that was awesome good form mclane

  • E


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1624816530 Augusta Lee Branch

    sounds like he Rob has a HUMONGOUS ego

    • Annie

      Yeh… The only thing humongous about him…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacques.chicar Jacques Chicar

    Truly, every one of us should think to ourselves each morning, "What money does Rob need?"

    Words to live by.

    • Lawrence Eloy Torres

      Foreal its not all about money its about life and adam sandler, chris rock, david spade, and rob shneider were all good in the first grown ups. Grow up rob shneider its all about life and im only 14 years old and come on rob and adam get together and make more movies its more fun with both of you are together in a movie. And make a movie called MAN IDIOTS please.

  • guero

    Sounds like he's suffering from RICHIES syndrome as i call it. People come up, money gets to there head, friendships are lost. He should have done it for 15 bucks a hour like ben aflack did for kevin smith in jersey girl. All for friendship. I hope i never get that rich. I value my friends over money. Hopefully they work out their differences and remember why their friends to begin with.

  • Dutch Guy

    really Rob….money? like you should give a crap about how much you get payed, you did douche bigalow 2 the dutch stereo-typing movie so you should be glad that you can get work in the first place

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.orsini Jeff Orsini

    What hes a big member of happy madison productions its not the money its the respect adam sandler is lucky he didnt branch off his success n walk his on ways as all the other big snl actors adam is money hungry thats the way i see it

  • The wraith

    He sounds like an ass. He should want to do the movie to b with his buddies not worry about how much money he'll b getting. Way to b a dick, Rob.

    • dj

      seriously? you're saying he shouldn't make more money so he can be with his buddies? He's not in a college frat, this is a business!

      • Jonathen Johsnon

        You can't have friends in a business? Your a fn tool.

        • anonymous


  • evil

    they should have waited on filming the movie until they had rob

  • Talltales08

    First, why make another "Grown-Ups" when the first one should have just been called "Grown", that movie was by far Sandler's worst. Second, Schneider is far more talented than anyone not named Adam Sandler in the original cast.

    • FilmLover37

      yeah but it made a METRIC FUCK TON of money in box office so a sequel is just printing money for them and im sure that Nick will be great in the movie

      • talia

        Seen the movie…Nick = definitely not great…There's a reason I saw the screening almost a year ago and it's still not in theaters.

    • http://www.facebook.com/yates.edward Eddie Yates

      Rob Schneider is far more talented than Chris Rock?

      Drugs are bad……mmkay?

      • kevin hall

        id rather see a rob schneider movie than a movie starring chris rock,i think most people would

    • JJ

      Sandlers worst movie? Have u never seen Jack and Jill or Spanglish? lol

      • killahfam69

        Spanglish was a great movie sorry he was not being funny but I dont think it was a comedy

    • Kiki

      Seriously?? His worst movie? Have you SEEN Jack and Jill? Or You Don't Mess With the Zohan?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=609650156 Joel Colquitt

    Seriously, was Rob Schneider ever that funny to begin with? Even on SNL, he had the copy guy, which was funny for like ten seconds, and that was it. Since then, he's been the starring vehicle of complete crap movies ("The Animal," "Deuce Bigelow 1 & 2," "The Hot Chick"). The only thing he's done that isn't crap is whenever Sandler throws him a bone and lets him be not funny in one of his movies. It's been nearly 20 years since he left SNL, if he can't get his act together and find a steady career like Sandler, Chris Rock and David Spade have, it means he wasn't very talented to begin with. Personally, I thought Schneider was the only weak part about "Grown Ups" and I'm kind of relieved to see him absent from the sequel. He should be thankful for the boost Sandler's given him in his career, a career he most likely wouldn't have if it weren't for Sandler to begin with!

  • Daleky

    He's a crap actor anyway

  • Harry Styles

    Nick won't be as a(maze)ing as Rob was

    • Lauren D.


      • Meh

        Erm… *Maze

        • Lauren D.

          Uh, no. If we're referring to Rob's "corn" joke, it's "maize." If we're referring to something else, then I admit my defeat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maize

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.m.beemer Justin Michael Beemer

    Back to washing floors rob

  • Fan of everything Adam Sandler

    Anyone think he was joking, and that there was just a conflict with his series? That's what it sounds like…

    • talia

      I've see the new film during screenings and there is DEFINITE resentment/ill will between the two. When I saw it, this Nick guy was playing Rob's character and they kept torturing him, like this character was literally being beaten up every time he was on the screen. It was painful to watch and really kind of sick.

      • errg

        he plays as Rob S's brother in the movie. wtf you talkin bout

    • Fi

      Yeah. I think he was joking about money. That's what it sounded like. But maybe he had a falling out with Sandler about something else?

  • matt

    Its a money issue. Chris Rock and David Spade did an interview promoting the first movie on Howard Stern. Howard kept pressing them for details on money and if they were satisfied about where they fell in the pay scale. They played smart and said that they were happy with the money. When Stern wouldn't relent Rock admitted that the only person in the crew who was upset with money was Schneider and said he complained about it through the entire production. He said in regards to the sequel that he wanted more money which obviously means that he money was still a sore subject between the two.

    I understand that Schneider wants to be compensated but he has no real career left as a leading man in movies and he's clearly the smallest name of the 5 leads. The only time he really pops up is in Sandler movies. He should take advantage of these movies to try and get his name back out there. Now he doesn't have a tv show and he is missing out on a big check that he can't get anywhere else.

    • bric

      Benchwarmers was a great movie!!

    • talia

      The problem is, and I saw the screening for this movie several months ago, that this movie needs a smaller character in it, not another big name. I really liked the first one, this one was hideously awful. I'm glad I saw it free because I would have been mad if I had paid money to watch it.

      • the gigalo

        Did we watch the same movie i seen the second one and almost needed depends

      • Jesus

        Clearly youve never seen an adam sandler movie. As they are all the same style. Most including this one are hilarious.

    • kahn

      Maybe he was getting paid less than the other sandler, kevin, spade, and rock.

  • MannyYTHEPUCKPacquiaO

    when you talk about adam sandler's movie…rob is always there

  • http://www.facebook.com/seth.bullock.391 Seth Bullock

    Sometimes when I fart a little blood comes out.

    • Section 8

      Maybe you should quit putting things in there that don't belong in there!

      • Funny


  • Sandy Stowers

    My guess is that Adam finally realized that Rob S just isn't funny.

  • JK

    Not surprising, Schneider has one of the worst reputations as a co-star in Hollywood amongst comedic actors. I remember Drew and Adam used to always bring up on Loveline in the mid 2000's how they were shocked he had such a unanimously bad rep throughout Hollywood as a complete and total a-hole prima donna.

  • dudewithrockcandy

    Duece bigalo male gigalo…3 lol not. He's not a great actor, but sandler carries him.

    • Ryan Mcdaniel

      Sandler carries him? Sandler just plays rude jackasses in movies now-a-days. Talk about money affecting an actor!

      • dudewithrockcandy

        Look Ryan truth is……who has happy Madison…sandler…who's a better business man….sandler…actor….sandler….rob is just OK. Grown ups he was barely beating Chris rock in performance…Kevin James kicked his ass in grown ups…unfortunately robs best role was the delivery guy in big daddy….starring….sandler….

  • dudewithrockcandy

    Rob…best movie…???? Maybe duece bigalo 1…… he piggy backed in water boy….hot chick sucked…I didn't even know he had a show….was in Beverly hillbilly movie…which was OK…..besides that…the animal was a d plus movie…o yea he was n click…a very small role…o OK. …big daddy as a Italian bike delivery guy lol…big daddy was Sanders best by far movie….so scheider….u suck…Sanders OK…only cuz of water boy…loved that.

    • bric

      You have forgotten Robs best movie Benchwarmers which was terrific.

      • dudewithrockcandy

        Benchwarmers was OK nowhere near great.

  • phajej

    Finally Rob stands up for himself. If Adam Sandler respected Rob he'd quit making Rob the butt of all his movies. Quit stroking your ego Sandler and come off that high horse for a change.

    • Jeff McCabe

      Right. SANDLER is the one with the problem. Which is why he works all the time and makes a gizzillïon dollars and Schneider is washing cars somewhere. Good call.

    • Joey

      Buscemi used to be the weird ugly guy that was the butt of all the jokes and now he's staring in his own hit tv series. I think it's more rob's fault than it is sandlers

      • Rob

        Steve can actually act though, so there's that too.

  • Ryan Mcdaniel

    Rob is playing it smart. The first movie was awful, so they make a second one? Truthfully, I felt bad for Rob in the first one. It felt like a lot of those jokes on him were kinda personal.

  • Heyshitthehellup

    Guys, it's just drugs. Have you true them lately? They're fucking great.

  • shawn graves

    I met Rob Schneider, He is really a down home kind of guy. I know that he has a wife and a new baby that was due last June. Maybe that is why he couldn't do the movie, I don't know but either way I like his movies. He may not be the best actor, but he is funny. See him do stand up and find out for yourself. If money was the issue I just hope Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider can find a way to patch up the relationship and do movies together again.

  • Good Friend

    Rob was the stand-out in the first movie for me…. and he brought the hotness with his "daughters" for Spade to play off of.

    I just don't see the movie being a follow-up without him, but maybe Swardson can pull it off….as the brother?

    • talia

      nope, movie sucks, saw screening

  • Devon Rahbine

    I honestly believe that rob was being made fun of and it got to him. Even though it was in good taste for the movie the jokes were hitting to close to gome for him.

  • eternal darkness

    I think Rob has a Napoleon complex with movies, I think he's only as good as a supporting actor.. He's funny, but only funny in a goofy way. He plays off the people around him in my opinion, and he let that get to his head. I like his movies, because if it's entertaining to me, I'll watch it regardless of what people think. But, I think that, he's not as good as he thinks. I think he's good as the goofy guy everyone makes fun of, my philosophy is, if you're good at something, stick to it, and make that your bread and butter. If people like it, and you can keep making them like it, even after all this time… Then stick to it. Personally, the annoying jack ass roll that Sandlers' been playing in his movies lately, just annoys the Hell out of me, especially that voice. I think the last movie had a lot of parenting/family jokes that were missed, that the audience could have connected a lot more with. I'm interested to see how 2 will play out, we'll see.

    • talia

      2 is aweful – saw the screening. and I like almost all movies.

  • mrderp

    ummmm maybe he didn't want to be in a shitty sequel to an amazingly shitty movie???

  • talia

    I saw the Grown Ups 2 screening several, several months ago – like almost a year – and it was AWFUL! Which is probably why it's still not out yet. I will say, I'm not even that big of a Schneider fan but he definitely would have saved that movie.

  • Greg

    Rob is the butt of all jokes with all of the happy/Madison actors and Hollywood in general. even his Judaism can't keep him afloat.

  • agnes oleary

    sad to see a longtime friendship evaporate…especially in hollywood…..besides schneider always made sandlers film successfull

  • Realness

    If you all read and keep up like I do, then you would know that since 2007 Sandler's movies have flopped. They are not good anymore. Critics, along with myself feel that he repeats the same story lines over and over. That's my boy, jack and jill etc. He pretty much acts the same, he can never change and play real roles. I like them all, but I feel the least funny is the big guy, he should have sat this one out. In GU 1, Rob was funny. The relationship between him and his gf was funny. Sandler has fallen off the comedic train.

  • yaknow…jason

    I just got to watch this last night. First of all, FFFUUUUNNNYYY!!!! Second, didn't even miss Rob. Honestly totally forgot about him and didn't notice him missing until after the movie when someone brought up he wasn't in it on the car ride home. His character's brother, played by Nick, was HILARIOUS! Adam she definitely keep Nick around.

  • Me

    Nothing to do with this movie…but I've personally met Rob (when he did the USO tours, ex military here) and he is without a doubt the nicest, coolest guy. Soooo…not trying to start a war here, just wanted to comment on any comments about him not being nice. He was great!

    • LuvsHorror

      I think he's funny.

  • Mike Mesmer

    All I can say is Rob's replace was a non issue in the move…he didn't mesh with the cast or with what was going…kind of in a scene by himself…none of the orignal cast ever really talked to Swardson character…the 2nd movie just missed the mark althoug there were some good scenes…

  • Jonah

    Well would you look at this, Rob didn't do a movie because he wants to be with his baby.

  • Sean

    How much money do these actors need, they have millions upon millions but they refuse to do movies the fans love because they get a little less then they should…..its really sad

  • Anonymousmaniac

    Did you assholes talking crap on Sandler know he bought all of them Ferrari or Porsche cars as a bonus on top of their pay checks. I think $50,000-$100,000 car should be enough to shut someone up

    • Sonya Barber Gholson

      so he bought cars for people who can afford to buy their own cars? Hmmm soooooo not impressed!!! Now had he taken that money and. Given it to charity or smething, then I would be impressed!!

      • idontknoe

        How much money do you give to Charity?

        • BECKY

          for starters as a small disclaimer, my husband and I give to local food banks and churches and things like that and we do give our last 5 dollars to people who need it more than we do, HOWEVER….. what does it matter if she gives to a charity, us normal Americans who work for peanuts ARE the charity. We bust our butts everyday for people in Hollywood to be able to drink their 8 dollar bottles of water, and drive their 100000 dollar cars, and live in their 10 million dollar houses, and fly their private jets. We are not the ones who NEED to be giving to charity. Hollywood needs to go into THEIR pockets and start helping out their fellow Americans. Regardless. My husband and I just saw this movie and didn't realize til the next morning Rob wasn't in it. And to be honest, who cares whether its money or a baby. He just WASNT in the movie. instead of attacking adam sandler, think about this. maybe they BOTH are just tired of working together? maybe rob wanted to be at home with his family. MAYBE it doesn't friggin matter why.

          • idontknoe

            Wow bitter much? Those Hollywood stars work hard for their money too just that they chose and succeeded in a career field that compensates them extremely well. I'm sorry that you and your husband chose to flip burgers and wash dishes, but you have absolutely no right to tell ANYONE what they can or cannot spend their hard earned money on. Cry a river and work harder in life.

          • jasonjrf

            Thats a really dumb statement. I gaurantee you if you only had 5 bucks you wouldnt give it away wtf are you talking about? Second a lot of Hollywood people do charity events and stuff for charity. Also when you make as much money as celebrities do people start to come out of the woodwork telling you they need money for something so you can make a ton of money later. All kinds of lowlifes and scammers. So you really have no idea saying they should take care of the rest of america that is just dumb.

  • J.R.M

    I guess they broke up.

  • ryan

    the thing i thought of is they went to him before the show canceled and had already said no, Ive got my show to do and probably boasted about, then found out the show got canceled and he was probably embarrassed after boasting about his show to them, so to go back to see about the movie a couple weeks later would seem kinda sad… wouldnt it

  • Lbman

    its not going to be any where near as good as grown ups 1

  • doctorwho

    grown ups 2, hmmm not as good as the first I have to say but still one of those easy going feel good films, no belly laughs but always a smile ( just not when that retard , the guy who plays rob schneiders brother is in a scene ) , they was trying to hard for slap stick comedy..as to rob himself being missing, id have sooner have had rob back then aforementioned brother but if rob wants to act the bitch then that's his film career dead

  • Jeremie Nevill

    Rob Schneider plays as Rob Hilliard on grown ups 1 and Nick Swardson plays as Nick a fucked up bus driver, so no he didn't replace him lol

  • http://ponysquare.com/starrynightpony/ Starry Night

    when Rob said he didn't know if he could film it cause of scheduled conflicts with his show…. someone at the interview should have stood up and yelled "You can do it!"

    • Funny


  • Svartpest

    Adam Sandler can't act. He does the same routine in every movie. Playing the same mentally challenged child in a mans body! Rob Schneider has more talent in his pinky toe than Adam Sandler has in his entire annoying whiney body.

    • FVDnz

      Um, wrong! Sandler is a very capable actor and that has been reflected in the likes of Punch Drunk Love and Reign Over Me. Sandler needs to do more dramatic roles as should Jim Carrey.

      • Svartpest

        Hahah cute, but WRONG! Sandler does the same character in EVERY SINGLE MOVIE! almost always a mentally challenged whiney man child. He should give up acting for the sake of ruining otherwise potentially good films. As for Jim Carrey I agree, Theres an actor with talent. Not as talented as Robin Williams or Michael Keaton (who should be given much bigger roles) but still very impressive. Grown ups is for the background actors that cant get decent movie roles, Period! Each to their own I say so enjoy the pathetically hilarious 47 year old fail of an "actor" that is Adam Sandler.

        • FVDnz

          Sorry mate nice try!! Go watch Reign Over Me and Punch Drunk Love and report back…. :p

  • cecile

    I think the original cast was great but I do think that the only reason Rob even has work is becuz of Adam, I mean what has he been in recently without adam? I am sure he has tried to branch out and get jobs of his own but clearly he was unsuccessful, though I do think he's funny! Money & business can be a tricky thing when it comes to friends or family.

  • Robbie Hull

    Nobody mentioned judge dredd….. Wtf?! I wish he would have done GU2. I got him and was like something was missing from that shitty bit-com….. Schneider

  • wdemon85 .

    With how much money the first movie made and how much the second one made (sadly), I hope it's not a money issue or Sandler is one greedy SOB.

  • Rob Schindler

    After reading through all these comments I decided I must create a unique opinion that does not align with any of yours and its very reasoning lies in its necessity to be separate from your beliefs.

  • nightwish487 .

    Back around that time, Rob and his brother was getting sued for 1.5 mil. They tried to screw some investors out of their money on a movie Rob was directing, plus a bonus they were promised. No wonder why Rob wanted more money from grown ups 2. Good for Adam for not giving in to Rob's demand. Adam just might want to cut his ties with Rob altogether; the problems for the Schneider's are just beginning.

  • jasonjrf

    Funny people are mad Rob isn't in it but a lot of the comments are people saying they saw the movie and didn't even relize he was missing. LOL shows how important he is

  • E71

    I actually enjoyed watching Rob Schneider's movies a lot more than Sander's. Oh well, another day, another fall out between overly paid actors.

  • Hannah

    i think its stupid its right what would Buzzard say about that eeeeeehhhhhh