Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Watch Jerry Seinfeld Do Five Minutes of New Stand-Up on 'The Tonight Show'

Jerry Seinfeld debuted a new five minutes of stand-up on Letterman a month ago, and he did it again last night on Jay Leno, probably because of late night equal time laws.

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  • Colin Perkins

    That was like a bunch of jokes that Jim Gaffigan decided weren't nearly funny enough to use. And that "fat people know it's them on TV" joke has been done – a lot.

    • bydavidrosen

      i was thinking the same thing. jim gaffigan did the fat people that know it's them on tv bit. still love seinfeld though. would love to see him do a new special.

    • http://vidaweek.tumblr.com Jason Merrin

      Yeah… Jim Gaffigan did the same fat people know it's them joke almost verbatim on his Beyond the Pale special. Not that he was the first to do it, or that Seinfeld ripped him off or anything, but I was disappointed. When I saw "new", I was hoping for something I hadn't heard before.

  • Dook

    Not new material per se. I saw him a year ago and much of this was in there.