Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Ari Shaffir Has Four Hours of Advice for Young Comedians

Stand-up Ari Shaffir delivered this nearly four-hour-long lecture, chock full of helpful advice for up and coming comics, onstage at The Comedy Store earlier this month and it's well-worth listening to despite its considerable length.

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  • dannygee

    this guy is so unfunny its insane that he thinks he can give anyone advise.. He rode joe rogans coat tails.. Rogan sucks terribly too.. joey diaz is the only guy worth while in that whole deathsquad thing… Ari needs to go become an accountant or something tho hes so unfunny its ridiculous.

    • OGLOC1992

      I will have to politiely disagree. I think Ari is very funny. His latest special passive aggressive had me laughing consistently throughout. I would say he is nearly funnier then Joe now. I agree that Joey is in another place with his comedy, but Ari Shaffir is very high up there on my list of currently active funny comedians. I would really only be putting the Bill Burrs and Louis C.K.s ahead of him.

    • http://twitter.com/fokm fokm

      Funny is irrelevant (and for the record, Ari's $5 chill special is great) for this discussion…he's a headlining comedian who has advice to give and over a decade of experience. So you don't like his comedy, big deal. The advice is likely valuable for someone.

    • Not the paggot dannygee

      Must be a Carlos fan….

    • andyroo

      U suck Danny! Ari the great!


      We have to agree to disagree. I think Ari is not THAT funny on the JRE podcast. But on stage he is a killer!! joey diaz is the only guy worth while in that whole deathsquad thing??? LOL have you ever seen Duncan Trussell's standup?? Have you ever seen Tony Hinchcliff's standup??? Ever seen Redban on stage? NO??? Then stfu, You know NOTHING

  • RossTrap

    why isn't anyone talking about jim jeffries .. we can all earn something him, all of his specials i fucking almost died from laughing. shout out to jim

    • dannygee

      poor mans dougstanhope

      • BeNiceIdiots

        i wouldnt compare stanhope to jim jefferies. very different.

  • ManfredYon

    If anyone knows how to make this an mp3…please make it an mp3. The coverters have (kinda understandable) 20 minute limit

  • http://www.facebook.com/frank.rodriguez Frank Rodriguez