Go Backstage at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival with Andy Peters’ Wandertown Podcast

The sixth annual Bridgetown Comedy Festival brought over 200 comedians (and about as many shows) to Portland, Oregon, last weekend, but don’t be bummed if you weren’t able to make it – you’ve still got a chance be a Bridgetown VIP thanks to Andy Peters’ Wandertown podcast. Wandertown, presented by CleftClips and Soundcloud, captures a cross-section of festival life with dozens of interviews, clips from shows, and chronicles of Peters’ Portland adventures, from taking a tour of the city with local comic Ian Karmel to hanging at a strip club with Byron Bowers and getting (lovingly) harassed by Todd Glass.

The affable, absolutely hilarious Peters spent four sleepless days trekking across Portland to capture shows, parties, and hangover-fueled food truck adventures, and the resulting recordings capture Bridgetown life so thoroughly, it’s almost better than actually being there. Pretend you’re spending the afternoon playing pinball with Andy Haynes, or touring Chinatown with Dan St. Germain; sample some of the festival’s eclectic shows, like Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction and An Early Afternoon with The Simpsons; hear music from Reggie Watts and Drennon Davis; get rowdy at a late night open mic with Ron Lynch. But first, start by learning Bridgetown’s origin story from festival founders (and standups) Matt Braunger and Andy Wood:

There are dozens more clips to check out – plus complete coverage of Day One, Day Two, Day Three, and Day Four — so head over to Soundcloud for the full Wandertown experience.

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