Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

'The Cleveland Show' Has Been Canceled

After four seasons on the air, Fox has canceled The Cleveland Show, according to animation site Cartoon Brew. Since premiering to strong ratings in the fall of 2009, the Family Guy spin-off has seen its viewership gradually decrease over the last four years (just like TV in general has) and ratings prognosticators have been expecting the cancellation. By the time the current season wraps up, Cleveland Show will have aired 88 episodes, which is an impressive run for a series these days and enough to get it into syndication, with reruns set to debut on TBS and Adult Swim this fall. Co-creator Seth MacFarlane still has two series, Family Guy and American Dad, on the air at Fox, with a third – live-action sitcom Dads – set for a fall debut. So, for those of you who are worried that The Cleveland Show's cancellation means MacFarlane will only have two shows, don't fret. Will Cleveland be moving back to Quahog to rejoin the Family Guy cast this fall? Only time will tell. (Tip via Sherman Fitzsimons)

UPDATE: In a statement to THR, Fox said, "Only Fox can dictate whether a show has been canceled," meaning that they've yet to announce a decision on The Cleveland Show. Fox's animated shows, however, typically received renewals early so that the staff has enough lead time to make more episodes for the fall. Fox's other four cartoons – Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and Bob's Burgers – have already been renewed but Cleveland hasn't. While Fox has yet to officially announce the show's cancellation, it's possible that it's as good as canceled as of right now.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/yates.edward Eddie Yates

    Does that mean he's moving back to Quahog?

    • Itsonreserve

      Only time will tell, Eddie. Only time will tell.

    • Emily J.

      That would be a fine idea. I'd like for Stewie and Rollo to team up in a few Family Guy episodes.

  • Ace

    And what idiots watch bobs burgers

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1201916479 Rowan Stanley

      i'd like to know that as well, bobs burgers suck

    • Jack "The Assassin" Tatum

      I love Bob's burgers.

  • Vayne

    Cleveland Show > Bob's Burgers all day.

  • P Poppa Paul

    oh my god bobs bugers is soo much better than the Cleavland show by far, but still like it better than family guy. American dad is tops out of the 3 seth's cartoons though

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nelson-Muntz/100001735329969 Nelson Muntz

      Family guy is best, then American dad, then Simpsons, then Cleveland show, then cable outage, then emergency alert system test then bob's burgers.

  • Sean

    This is GARBAGE!! The Cleveland Show hilarious! It's gotten better and better as the seasons have gone on and half the time it's actually funnier than Family Guy. The reason the ratings are low is because they put it on at 7:30; if they gave it back its original time slot (8:30) the show would get much better ratings because of the lead-in from The Simpsons. I can't believe they gave that spot to effin' Bobs Burgers. That show isn't funny!! Put Bobs Burgers on at 7:30 and Cleveland back to 8:30 and watch the ratings reverse.

    If Fox cancelled this show they are idiots.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nelson-Muntz/100001735329969 Nelson Muntz

    Bobs burgers is horrrrrrrible. Why not cancel that instead? Production costs?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nelson-Muntz/100001735329969 Nelson Muntz

    The theme song for the Cleveland show alone demands that it be saved over bob's burgers.

  • Xavier

    I'd miss Cleveland Show, then Family Guy, followed closely by American Dad, a distant Simpsons and never have I watched Bobs Burgers.

    • Ranklo

      you should watch bobs burgers its hilarious. well at times at other times the comedy is Meh.

  • Rok118

    They shouldn't have made a spin off.the only reason Seth kicked out cleveland out of quahog and placed him in stool bend is because he didn't want a black person in peter's group which he hangs out with.
    Among from all bob's burger should be cancelled.

  • Richard

    I love the Cleveland show why did they cancel it cancel bob burgers it sucks i hope that the cleveland show comes back someday or TBS or Comedy Central could pick up i love this show get rid of bob burgers its unfunny now bring back tcs

  • Richard

    I hate bob burgers cancel it now

    • unknown

      i know right i hate fox for doing that

  • Richard

    Can you cancel bob burgers now fox you are stupid people bring back the cleveland show now please make your company take it or TBS or Comedy Central I love the cleveland show bring it back now get rid of bob burgers it,s a stupid dumb show now fox cancel bob burgers now

  • Mike Parnell

    They kill a funny show like this but the keep the simpsons a show that has been on way too long!

  • Alex Ellison

    Annoys me that Bob's Burgers survives and this is the one that gets called. ><

  • Bubba

    Bob burgers is crap. The Cleveland Show is gold.

  • Bubba

    Cancel bobs burgers. Bring back the Cleveland show.

  • Bubba

    Bring back the Cleveland show Fox!

  • unknown

    it wouldnt make seence to cancel the clevand show because you canceled family guy an broyght it back people are jut going to hate u guys an you might even lose busniess over that so i would suggest bringing it back

    • unknown

      you guys probaly just are racist U HATE BLACKS im not gonna argue just to let yo know that doing this is a big mistake its gonna come back an bite you

  • Tennis Elbow

    Bobs burgers sucks. Another network could of atleast picked up The Cleveland Show! Like American Dad!

  • ranklo

    why is everyone hating bobs burgers

  • dominique

    i hate the Cleveland show that ghetto ass shit i'm glad its gone

  • Tim

    I don't want Cleveland on family guy he does not belong in quahog I want him back in virgina . I know that someday the Cleveland show is coming back someday .I hope someday tbs or comedy central picks it up I love the Cleveland I want fox to make new episodes bring back the cleveland show cancel bob burgers sucks its the worst. Fox I dont want him on fg cancels bob burgers bring back the Cleveland show

    • Mike Desilva

      Family Guy was canceled too for a while…maybe there's hope.

  • Tim

    Cancel bob burgers it sucks it the worst show. Fox cancel bob burgers it horrible and lame. Fox bring back the Cleveland show make new episodes ok he does not belong on fg. I hope someday tbs or comedy pick it up he does not belong in quahog bring back tcs fox cancel bob burgers

  • kagome_091

    Thank god the Cleveland show is canceled, they turned Cleaveland from this plain character to this slob obnoxious, peter – wannabe character.

    • Mike Desilva

      I think that's what brought it down hill. Cleveland was much funnier when he was intelligent. There was no reason to dumb his character down.

      • kagome_091

        Exactly, Cleaveland always stood out as the smartest in the group and was funny in his own way. But this new change on him made him like something peter is but a black version of it. But I can't say I expected much of it, a black show made by white people isn't going to cut it lol not sure is Seth was aiming for something like the boondocks but if he did, then he failed miserable at it.

        • Mike Desilva

          I don't know if I'd agree that a black show made by white people wouldn't cut it (Sanford & Son, Good Times, The Jeffersons, etc.) but you're right, the Cleveland show didn't act on the Cleveland character's natural strengths. Black Peter wasn't funny, smart Cleveland was.

  • Mike Desilva

    The Cleveland Show started off well, and I loved that it wasn't all one liners like Family Guy, but what I think killed it off was they turned Cleveland from a funny, sensible business owner into a childish imbecile.