Monday, April 8th, 2013

The Roots Are Staying with Jimmy Fallon for 'The Tonight Show'

One of the big questions about Jimmy Fallon's ascendance to the Tonight Show throne in February 2014 has been "Will his amazing house band The Roots follow him to the new program?" Speaking to FUSE today, Roots frontman ?uestlove says the answer is yes. When asked the question, ?uestlove responded, "Listen, The Tonight Show is coming to us. We're not going to The Tonight Show. The Tonight Show is coming to New York." He added, "Basically, it's gonna be the same show … yeah, we're staying." ?uestlove's assertion that Fallon's Tonight Show is going to be the same as his Late Night is definitely a comforting and exciting one, and with the Roots staying his house band, it'll be hard for him to go wrong.

Hit the jump for video of ?uestlove discussing the Tonight Show transition:

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  • jimmy

    another rap crap group, that's all we need. I cannot stand rap or any other new black crap musis

    • YAAFM

      Your trolling is weak as fuck. The Roots are amazing, chump.