Will Forte: “There Will Be Some Form of ‘MacGruber 2′”

While it bombed at the box office during its initial release, Will Forte’s SNL spinoff MacGruber has grown into a cult favorite. Forte was asked about the movie this week by EW when promoting Run and Jump, an upcoming drama he’s acting in. Forte had this to say:

“We are going to make MacGruber 2 for sure. Whether we have to do it with a video camera in our backyards – there will be some form of MacGruber 2.”

With the recent success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, that could be a way the MacGruber movie could happen. Says Forte, “Jorma [Taccone], the MacGruber director, he had the idea to do a Kickstarter like two years ago. He kept saying ‘We should do a Kickstarter’ and we were like ‘Yeah, maybe at some point.’ He’s always ahead of the curve. That’s the lesson you learn: always listen to Jorma.” Here’s hoping this comes together and that MacGruber fans can raise enough money for Forte to not have to film this thing in his backyard.

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