Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Adam Scott's Next 'Greatest Event in Television History' Will Be 'Hart to Hart' with Amy Poehler

Last October, Parks and Recreation's Adam Scott debuted The Greatest Event in Television History, an Adult Swim special in which he and Jon Hamm recreated shot-for-shot the opening credits sequence to cheesy '80s detective show Simon & Simon. Scott has a second Greatest Event special, which was previously reported to star him, Amy Poehler, and Horatio Sanz, set to air June 6th, and TV Guide reveals today that the new special will see Scott and Poehler recreating the intro to the 1979-1984 series Hart to Hart, in which they'll take on the roles of Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, a millionaire and his wife who become amateur detectives. Horatio Sanz will presumably be playing Max, their deep-voiced cook/butler/chauffeur who narrates the show's opening sequence.

Check out the Hart to Hart intro and the Greatest Event in Television History recreation of Simon & Simon below:

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  • TS Idiot

    It's so pointless. And so funny.

  • still luv Rick & AJ

    I loved the remake. I loved the show. Simon and Simon was not cheesy at the time.
    Most of the shows that were popular then seem cheesy now.
    It aired from Nov. 81 till Dec 88.
    For the 82-83 season it ranked #7
    For the 83-84 season it ranked #5 and
    For the 84-85 season it ranked #7

  • justarandomcitizen

    These things just seem like they have Seth Macfarlane written all over them. I can just see Peter Griffin sitting at the bar with his friends saying "Hey guys, I've got a great idea for the greatest event in television history, We should make a scene by scene remake of the intro to the best show in the world Simon and Simon/Hart to Hart."

  • HAzARD PrO

    i was waiting 45 days in adult swim to findout 11 minutes is how they made it ?!?! and 30 seconds for a preview of a 80's movie? what a waist of time?!?! lol