Thursday, May 30th, 2013

An Encyclopedic Guide to the Best Callbacks, Running Jokes and Hidden Gags in the New Season of 'Arrested Development'

Arrested Development's long-awaited fourth season debuted all at once on Netflix's streaming service this past weekend. Given the show's penchant for in-jokes and subtle callbacks, I expected this to be something that they kept up in the new season, but what I didn't expect is for Season 4 to be even denser with running jokes and references than the previous seasons. Going through this new crop of 15 episodes, it becomes clear that, because they were all produced at the same time, they're more interwoven and callback/foreshadowing-heavy than Arrested Development's ever been. Here's an obsessive guide to the new season's best sneaky jokes, including the real George Maharis, the unforeseen consequences of Buster's drone mishap in Spain, and all the many, many ostrich references.

And obviously, don't look at this thing if you haven't seen the whole season 'cause it's full of spoilers.

Running Jokes Throughout the Season:

-George Michael mentions not wanting to be called "George Michael" or "Boy George" because of the singer George Michael's bathroom sex arrest and Boy George's arrest for sexual assault. The name he chooses instead is George Maharis, a popular actor from the '60s and '70s who, unbeknownst to him, was also arrested for committing a sex act in a men's room. The man who was arrested with Maharis was named "Perfecto Tellis." Tellis is revealed to be the last name of Maeby's boyfriend/Lucille 2's adopted kid Perfecto in the episode "Off the Hook."

-Newsman John Beard, who was the actual Fox news anchor in Orange County and LA during Arrested Development's original run, was fired by his local station in 2007 for wanting to do hard news instead of celebrity fluff. Throughout the season, we see him bounce between several different TV jobs, all of which he quits on air. At the start, he's still a Fox 6 anchor but quits after the housing bubble bursts (because of the big house Ed Helms's James Carr had sold him). He hosts a tacky morning show called Good News O.C. with John, Jackie, and Joan (based on Fox's local morning show Good Day L.A.) (Episode 2), a local version of Chris Hansen's To Catch a Predator called John Beard's To Entrap a Local Predator: Supercreeps (Episode 5), an airport news show, Outwest InLounge, for Outwest Airlines (Episode 7), a news show on gas station TV screens (Episode 8), and finally, Imagine News, the news channel playing in Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's movie company Imagine's offices (Episode 13).

-A list of Arrested Development's new episodes was uploaded to a Fox press site by mistake in December, with a tentative release date of May 4th, 2013, meaning that the original plan was to release all the episodes on Cinco de Cuatro.

-Synonyms for "Arrested Development" are used onscreen throughout the season. "Halted Development" is the name of John Beard's news story and Michael's story on the in flight magazine is "Discontinued Development" (Episode 1). In Maeby's office at Imagine, there's a pile of scripts called "Active Development" and "Not Going Forward Development" (Episode 4). The narrator says, "George Michael's development was about to be forestalled (Episode 13). John Beard's news story is "Arraigned Development" (Episode 15).

-"Cinco de Cuatro" is a real gaffe President Obama made in 2009 when meaning to say "Cuatro de Mayo" on May 4th.

-The season is full of references to Modern Family, possibly because Mitch Hurwitz feels the show is a more mainstream (and successful) version of Arrested Development. Maeby's movie script about the Bluths is titled 21st Century Family (Episode 4). The narrator says a member of the entourage Gob is in, Jonathan Tyler Taylor, had his part cut from the Modern Family pilot (Episode 7). When Gob and Michael tell each other they're each dating a famous person, they both ask each other if it's Modern Family's Julie Bowen (Episode 11). At the Opie Awards, Maeby exclaims, "It's the kids from Modern Family!… Rico!" (Episode 12).

-Lucille's inmate number throughout the season is 07734, which is "hello" when you write it on a calculator and turn it upside down. It's a reference to Annyong (whose real name is "Hel-loh"), who turned Lucille in and had her sent to jail. "07734" is an upside-down translation of "hello" and "Annyong" is a Korean translation of "hello."

-Characters throughout the season say the words "get this" before referring to Beverly Hills. Reporter Trisha Thoon (Stacey Grenrock-Woods) does it during a Fox news story about singer George Michael being arrested (Episode 1), Barry says it when telling Michael where to meet Ron Howard (Episode 4), and the narrator does so when referencing the location of Imagine Entertainment (Episode 4), and the Herbert Love rally (Episode 8).

-Tobias, Gob, and Lindsay all eat the same snack, a combo of mustard and parmesan cheese. It's a reference to Martin Mull, who plays Gene Parmesan on the show and played Colonel Mustard in the 1985 movie Clue.

-This isn't a hidden joke but it's still pretty cool. A Reddit user found the Grooveshark page for Arrested Development composer David Schwartz, where you can listen to all of music he composed for the show.

-The website FakeBlock.com is registered to 20th Century Fox in real life, and it is private.

Episode 1: "Flight of the Phoenix" (Michael #1)

-When Young Lucille (Kristen Wiig) gives her Grinch speech about Cinco de Mayo, she's wearing green face cream which makes her skin look green.

-The majors listed on the University of Phoenix website are Criminal Justice, High Technology, Education, Criminal Justice [sic], Nursing, Real Estate, Movie Producing. Most of these careers come into play in the show, particularly Michael's career in movie producing, which isn't what he studied at Phoenix.

-When reporting on the Queen Mary story, newsman John Beard calls Lucille a "seaward matriarch," a callback to the boat "The C-Word."

-Two of the stories on the cover of the gay British magazine Attitude are "Boy George, George Michael, More than a Name in Common" and "Magic Man: Tony Wonder's Biggest Secret."

-The whiteboard on George Michael's dorm room door reads, "You missed me! Leave a note!" which recalls the Bluth family's J. Walter Weatherman-inspired fears of not leaving notes.

-When Michael and George Michael are walking around outside at UCI, a TV crew is filming The Real The Graduate behind them, which ties in with the recurring use of Simon & Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence" (from The Graduate) in the season and Michael on the moving walkway (pictured).

-Michael has the idea for his voting scheme in a broken chair that reclines too much in UCI's computer lab. In the episode "It Gets Better," George Michael has an idea to get Michael to lose the roommate election while sitting in the same faulty, reclining computer chair, which also convinces him that his bad idea is good.

-Michael losing the election so badly recalls him coming in last place when he ran for class president in high school, which is referenced in Season 2's "The Immaculate Election."

-Michael passes a mural at the end of the episode featuring a ton of locations/vehicles from the first three seasons (the model home, the staircar with Michael and George Michael sitting at the top, the banana stand, the lighthouse from the pier, Gob's yacht, Gob on a Segway, a Mexican church, the family's log cabin on a truck, the rickshaw from Iraq, a street sign and double-decker bus from Wee Britain, the Queen Mary, and a seal with a yellow bowtie.

-Michael says "Gentlemen, start your engines" when he passes Lindsay in the hall wearing a red wig, foreshadowing his fondness for redheads that's brought up a few episodes later.

Episode 2: "Borderline Personalties" (George Sr. #1)
-Young Barry Zuckerkorn is played by actor Henry Winkler's real son, writer/director Max Winkler.

-Young George Sr. (Seth Rogen) says, "We have the best fucking attorneys," mirroring his line later in life, "I have the worst fucking attorneys."

-Heartfire (Mary Lynn-Rajskub) buys the cave from Gob's magic trick from "Colony Collapse" for George Sr.'s retreat. Ann tells Gob in that episode that she sold it online. Here's the ad Heartfire is looking at, from Craigslist's "christian/prehistoric/fairytale" section:

"Mud Cave, LARGE – biblical era – ONLY USED ONCE
USED FOR TELEVISED VEAL SHOW, Crumbling, muddy, dilapidated, dirt cave EXCELLENT CONDITION
Hole in top perfect for ventilation, dangling of bodies, rolling "wailing" stone available as well to seal in occupants.
Hidden compartments for keys, belongings
Can be put on a platform and approached by additional boulder-stairway a trapdoor – but odor problem with boulder, contact Church of Holy Enlightened Rapture for more

-The news story on Lucille 2 adopting Perfecto appears on The Orange County Ledger. The website is listed as orangecountyledger.com, just leads to Reddit's Arrested Development forum.

-For The Orange County Ledger photo, Lucille 2 has Perfecto wearing fake freckles and a red wig, just like Spanish TV characters in the show, particularly in the Season 1 episode "Key Decisisons" where Marta gets nominated for a Desi Award. It also foreshadows Maeby thinking Perfecto is an adult pretending to be a kid because freckles and wigs are what adult actors use to play kids on Spanish language TV on the show.

-Oscar's middle name is revealed to be "George," making the family's reused names all the more confusing.

-The first class In-flight magazine we-12 has a cover story called "The Best of Altitude (what they're reading behind you)," with a small picture of Michael from his story in the In-flight magazine Altitude.

-In the end credits, actor Rich Chrisandanost is credited as playing "Divine Spirit," although it's later revealed that Marky Bark (Chris Diamantopoulos) is actually pretending to be the character Divine Spirit. When the letters are rearranged, it's "Chris and an ostrich", the same format as the credits for the character Maeby pretends to be in Episode 3. They both used ostriches when disguising themselves.

Episode 3: "Indian Takers" (Lindsay #1)

-During the scene in the police station, John Beard is on Fox 6 news in the background and he says, "Finally, the Winter Olympics' opening ceremony tonight drew one of the highest ratings in history. I wouldn't want to be their competition." Arrested Development's final four episodes were aired by Fox against the Winter Olympics' opening ceremony in February of 2006. The ceremony easily beat its competition in the ratings.

-A flier on the wall of the methadone (or "method one") clinic reads "Feeling blue?" It's a callback to the blue/blue double-entendres in Season 2 and the last time Tobias confused a health program for an acting opportunity.

-The actress Tobias meets at the methadone clinic Debrie Bardeaux (Maria Bamford) played the Invisible Woman in The Fantastic Four. The guy she's dating when she's first introduced is Andy Bark (Chris Diamantopolous), who has face blindness. So, the Invisible Woman's boyfriend can't see her.

-Lindsay says, "I have the worst fucking shaman," a spin on George Sr.'s frequent line from the original series, "I have the worst fucking attorneys."

-Debrie Bardeaux's (Maria Bamford) Fantastic Four movie is based on a real early '90s Fantastic Four film that was produced haphazardly so that someone could retain the right to the characters, but the movie was made by Roger Corman and not Ron Howard. Here's the trailer:

-The shaman that later ends up being Maeby is called "Shaman Sheman" in the end credits, foreshadowing the character turning out to be a woman. Like with the character Divine Spirit in Episode 2, the character is credited under a fake actor's name, Rich Aliaändanost. The pseudonym format is the same as the one for the character Divine Spirit in the prior episode ("Alia and an ostrich," because they both used ostriches to disguise themselves).

Episode 4: "The B. Team" (Michael #2)

-The Google people call the Google car drivers "ostriches," another of the season's frequent ostrich references.

-The billboards for Imagine Entertainment and Jerry Bruckheimer Films recall the gag about them taking their logos literally. Imagine's says, "Where dreams drop into make-believe as surely as a drop of water falls into a bigger thing of water in slow motion." Bruckheimer's is "Driving action toward love through a storm until lightning hits a tree."

-In discusssing his movie producer job, Michael says it's tough to get down to Orange County, a callback to a line spoken by Ron Howard (as the narrator) in the Season 3 episode "Exit Strategy," in which George Michael invites a bunch of Maeby's Hollywood contacts from her address book (including Ron Howard) to her surprise party. In that episode, the narrator explains why he skipped the party: "And some of us just couldn't be bothered to drive down to Orange County."

-The gag with the sheep wandering into the photo booth that Michael and Rebel are in is a callback to a sheep doing the same thing to Buster in the Season 1 episode "Bringing Up Buster."

-All of Ron Howard's kids are named after the locations where they were conceived, and it seems to be the same for his daughter Rebel Alley's kids. Her son is named "Lem," implying that he was conceived in the Lunar Excursion Model (LEM) in Ron Howard's office.

Episode 5: "A New Start" (Tobias #1)

-Tobias says, "in this case, paper beats rock," a callback to the Season 2 opener "The One Where Michael Builds a House," which featured Gob and Michael fighting with a giant rock and scissors and a lot of rock/paper/scissors wordplay.

-The opening to John Beard's predator show is an homage to the opening of Arrested Development: "And now the story of the awful people who are about to lose everything, and the one newsman who had no choice but to entrap them all together. It's John Beard's To Entrap a Local Predator: Supercreeps."

-The Fünkes fly to Shuturmurg, India. "Shuturmurg" in Hindi means "ostrich."

-Tobias's Outwest Airlines movie choices are under the section "Tantamount Spotlight," and they are The Fantastic Four, the Tom Jane movie Junk, the Tom Jane movie Homeless Dad, and British rom-com Love, Indubitably.

-There's a sign twirler at the funeral of the Tobias's agent/real estate agent James Carr (Ed Helms). The sign says, "Now burying."

-At James Carr's (Ed Helms) funeral, there's a procession of mailman trucks in the background for the funeral of Michael's mailman Pete.

-At one point, there's a poster for Gangie 4: Facelift, the sequel to a horror movie Maeby worked on at Tantamount Studios in Season 3's "Making a Stand." Thie villain was based on Lucille. The title, Gangie 4: Facelift also appears on a check Maeby receives, which is how Lindsay thinks her mother (nicknamed Gangie) gave the money so Maeby could get a facelift.

-When the ostrich on Lucille 2's balcony attacks her, she says "Stop it, chicken." Like the Bluth family, she doesn't know what a chicken looks like either.

-A police officer character is named "Officer Threé" in the credits, a play on the way insignificant movie/TV characters are named (like previous parts Tobias auditioned for, Frightened Inmated #2 and Confidence Man #2).

-"The Thing" translates to "La Mole" in Spanish, a reference to the previous time Tobias dressed up in a big suit in Season 3.

-The process server disguised as a cop who serves Tobias with papers for wearing a costume of Fantastic Four's The Thing is played by Josh Trank, who's directing Marvel's upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

Episode 6: "Double Crossers" (George Sr. #2)

-Oscar calls sweat lodge a "sweaty old hotbox," a joke about his marijuana habit. Lucille being offended to his use of this phrase is a callback to her taking offense to Michael saying "musty old claptrap about the cabin in Season 3.

-At George Sr.'s spiritual retreat, a woman pushes a "Mr. Mister" cart through, which carries water misters to keep people cool. The name of the cart is a reference to George Michael's "Mr. Manager" thing from "Top Banana" in Season 1.

-Gob is seen going into a Mexican drug store to buy roofies in this episode. There'e a bilingual sign on the wall outside that foreshadows his roofie circle before his episode airs. It says:

"Are You in a Roofie Circle?
-The shame feels like it won't go away.
-People are surprised when you're surprised to see them.
-Loss of Month
-Weight gain"

-In the video of Herbert Love's campaign ad, there's another video in the corner of the screen entitled, "Herbert Love Gets a Big Hand From Vet," which foreshadows Buster getting a giant fake hand several episodes later.

-The narrator says Rebel Alley's shoplifting PSA was "inspired by a photograph" (her mugshot) in reference to her father, Ron Howard, making only movies inspired by photographs.

Episode 7: "Colony Callapse" (Gob #1)

-Jeremy Piven's nightclub "and" is the same as his credit shot from the theme song to Entourage. Jeremy Piven beat out Will Arnett for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Emmy in 2006 for his performance in Entourage. The show referencing an actor who beat one of its actors for an Emmy is a callback to the Season 3 episode "For British Eyes Only," in which Michael tells George Sr., "You're a regular Brad Garrett" in reference to Garrett beating Tambor for an Emmy that year.

-Also, Jeremy Piven was not part of the entourage in Entourage, just like Gob isn't part of Mark Cherry's entourage.

-In the Entourage-style opening, the limo passes a billboard for Maeby's movie, Gangie 4: Facelift.

The limo also passes a Burger King a couple seconds later, a potential reference to the product placement in Season 2 but probably just a coincidence.

-The pop singer whose entourage Gob is trying to get into, Mark Cherry (Daniel Amerman) is named after the creator of Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry. Gob asks John Beard Jr., "Mark Cherry, the baby-faced singer or Marc Cherry, the baby-faced show runner?" Cherry and Mitch Hurwitz got their starts together on the writing staffs of The Golden Girls and its spin-off Golden Palace, and Cherry appeared as himself in a previous episode of Arrested Development in which Ann picketed Desperate Housewives at his home.

-A member of Mark Cherry's entourage, John Beard Jr. has a lot in common with Gob. He goes by three letters (JBJ), is the son of a well-known public figure (John Beard), and he is said by the narrator to be "a huge disappointment to his father."

-The crawl on the airport TV newscast reads, "Outwest Magazines available only to ticketed passengers (while in flight!) except for bulkhead seats."

-Tobias's response to Gob's magic trick is "How'd he do that?," a reference to what Tony Wonder and other magicians call non-magicians ("How dey do dats?") in Season 2.

-When Gob announces his magic trick during the appearance on the Christian TV show with Ann, it's the second time he's tried to hog the spotlight by announcing a magic trick on a TV show with his girlfriend. In the Season 1 episode "Key Decisions," he was on a Spanish talk show with then-girlfriend Marta Estrella when he announced he's gonna lock himself in prison and escape.

-In Gob's wedding magic trick, Tobias is playing the part of Roman Centurion #2, a reference to his past auditions for parts like Frightened Inmate #2 and Confidence Man #2.

-The narrator says Gob had "nothing in his system but two weeks of candy vines," calling them that instead of licorice as a callback to a running gag in the original seasons in which the Bluths called jelly beans "candy beans" and gumballs "candy balls."

-Steve Holt's company is called "Steve Holt! Pest Control," with an exclamation point for his frequently-exclaimed name in the title. Gob's caller ID also reads, "Steve Holt!"

-Gob is seen entering the Mexican market to buy roofies, but unlike when this scene is included in previous episodes, the wall doesn't feature the "Roofie Circle" warning sign. Instead, the wall has a sign that reads, "Vendemos olvidame-ahorita," which is Spanish for "We sell Forget-Me-Now."

-Gob tells Ann, "Way to plant, Ann" after he runs into her while she's standing in place, an exact line used by George Michael in the Season 2 episode "¡Amigos!" after they find her in Mexico, standing in one place.

Episode 8: "Red Hairing" (Lindsay #2)

-Lindsay's "I'm for Lucille 2 for Congres [sic]" banner is on the back of the "You're Killing Me, Buster" banner from Season 2's "¡Amigos!," and it's another in a long-line of typoed banners in the show.

-Sally Sitwell compliments Lindsay's strong hair, meaning that she probably has inherited her father's alopecia. In a later episode, "A New Attitude," Sally says she's never had to shave her legs before. Her eyebrow also falls off and calls it a caterpillar when she has to pick it up and discreetly put it back on her face.

Episode 9: "Smashed" (Tobias #2)

-In the footage of Tobias's audition for the show House, he's talking about GVH, graft-versus-host disease, which he struggled with in Season 3

-When Ron Howard is getting his hat haircut, he says, "I call all my barbers 'Floyd'," a reference to the Andy Griffith Show character Floyd the Barber.

-Tobias's Fantastic 4 script lists him as "Tobias Fünke (M.D., S.O.)," a reference to his sexual offender arrest:

-The judge character is named "Judge Kornzucker" in the credits, lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn's last name rearranged.

-Gene Parmesan works at the restaurant "Chicken Dan's," which sounds just like "chicken dance," something the Bluths have done a lot in the past. The slogan for Chicken Dan's on Gene's apron is "Shake your feathered bottom."

Episode 10: "Queen B." (Lucille)

-Lucille's name on Real Asian Prison Housewives of the Orange County White Collar Prison System appears onscreen as "Lu," making it sound Asian like the names of the rest of the prisoners.

-When Lucille finds out that everyone in prison has claimed her belongings, one of them is marked for "Guard #2," which is part of the running joke about characters named "x #2."

-When Tobias is trying to get Lucille to talk in Lucille 2's rehab clinic, he makes the same pose as Bob Fosse in the poster behind him. It's also a callback to a gag in the previous season in which he made the same pose as a picture of George Michael behind him.

-Lucille says, "Bad things happen when brother collude," and we see quick shots of the Menendez brothers, Andy Richter's siblings Rocky and Donny, and the actors Cole and Dylan Sprouse. The inclusion of those two Richter brothers foreshadows that they're working an undercover operation together at Maeby's school.

-Lucille says about Lucille 2, "I'm not going to fake some sort of alcohol problem just so that sterile cuckoo bird can laugh at me," a reference to Liza Minnelli's Oscar-nominated performance in 1969's The Sterile Cuckoo.

Episode 11: "A New Attitude" (Gob #2)

-The shot of Gob and Tony Wonder in shopping carts on a date is the same shot as Gob and his wife (Amy Poehler) in Season 1 on a date.

-The hardware store Gob goes to to find construction workers is called "Dr. House," a reference to Tobias's audition for the show House, which we see footage of in "Smashed."

-Sally Sitwell tells Tony Wonder she doesn't want to have to sell the closet from his magic trick as a "sweat sauna" on Craigslist, a callback to Gob's love interest Ann selling the cave from his Jesus trick on Craigslist.

-Sally tells Tony Wonder his plan to take Gob down could be a "house of cards," a reference to Netflix's other original series, House of Cards.

-The store that Gob and Michael fight at and Gene Parmesan works at, Thin Wally's Knife Store, has a knife mascot that looks like Gob's character Mr. Bananagrabber. It's also called "Thin Wally's" in reference to the thin wall Gob and Michael crash through during their fight.

Episode 12: "Señoritis" (Maeby)

-When Maeby's pretending to be dead after Lucille's arrest, she tells George Michael, "I'm trying to get my parents to notice me," a line she also used in the show's pilot when she came up with her plan to have her and George Michael kiss.

-On Thanksgiving, the Fünkes watch a turkey cartoon that features one of the turkeys driving a Google car.

-Tobias's agent/real estate agent calls herself "the widow Carr," meaning that she was James Carr's (Ed Helms) wife before he died.

-A story on entertainment news site Deadline reads, "Ron Howard Shows High School Diploma, but not happy about it," a reference to that Obama birther stuff.

-The letters "GO OSTR–" appear on Maeby's high school wall and are cut off. Her high school mascot is the ostrich.

-Maeby's acceptance speech at the Opie Awards borrows several lines from that infamous sorority letter that was leaked online earlier this year. The lines "Tie yourself to your chair because this is gonna be a rough fucking ride," "double fucking newsflash," and "I will fucking cunt punt the next goddamn [bleep] who tells me I'm finished" are all taken straight from the letter or modified versions of lines from the letter. These lines were presumably dubbed in later given that the sorority letter leaked online very recently.

Episode 13: "It Gets Better" (George Michael #1)
-The band George Michael plays the wood block for at the top of the episode is playing the song "Balls in the Air" from the Season 3 episode "Notapusy."

-Maeby's boyfriend "Perfecto T." is listed on the UCI student tutoring list.

-The tutor list is called the "Student Tutoring & Couching Exchange," a reference to the exchange between Michael and Kitty in "The B. Team" in which he asks for a list of actresses and he thinks she's talking about a casting couch. (Or it could just be the word "coaching" misspelled.

-In reference to Maeby, the tutoring lady tells George Michael, "Stay on top of her. You may need to ride her pretty hard." It's pretty much the same line Michael says to Maeby in Season 1's "Top Banana" ("You stay on top of her, buddy. Do not be afraid to ride her. Hard.")

-When George Michael is watching TV in Spain, he's watching Sit Down, Shut Up, Mitch Hurwitz's short-lived animated follow-up to Arrested Development. He's watching a scene in which the two characters are voiced by Will Arnett and Jason Bateman.

-At one point in the episode, Maeby says, "I'm a heiress," which sounds an awful lot like, "I'm Maharis."

-The dispute between George Michael and P. Hound over FakeBlock is a reference to Michael Cera looking like (and frequently being mistaken for) Jesse Eisenberg, star of The Social Network. Cera told The NY Times last week:

More than anything people recognize me from The Social Network, which I was not in … You wouldn’t believe it — people insist. I was in a bar, and this woman said to me, "You’re an actor, right?" I said yeah. She said, “You’re from The Social Network." And I said, “No, I’m from other things." And she goes, "O.K., O.K., I know who you are.” And I went to leave the bar and she grabbed me by the arm and she said, “Look, I know you’re trying to be discreet and low-key, but I know you’re from Facebook."

Episode 14: "Off the Hook" (Buster)
-There's a lot of foreshadowing of Buster being the suspect in Lucille 2's murder in this episode (and some foreshadowing of him being innocent). When putting together his Lucille dummy, Buster uses a big pillow, which makes her look overweight. He quickly changes his mind, saying, "I don't want that blood on my hands." Later in the episode, he wakes up from his juice hangover to find he's destroyed his Lucille dummy and says, "That was a freebie." When he realizes his drones are killing people, the narrator says, "Buster was a peaceful man." The Literal Doctor (Ian Roberts) tells Buster the Army is going to turn him into "a killing monster." Various characters also use the word "monster" to refer to Buster, which has been a long-running joke on the show. When Lucille 2 asks Buster why he's giving her incriminating photos of Herbert Love, he answers, "Because I want to hurt him." Lucille 2 says, "I've never known him to want to hurt anybody."

-When Buster is running late to Lucille's court date, you can see the Queen Mary in the harbor in the background, still on its side from when Lucille stole the ship.

-The drone crash that Buster causes is in Madrid is what causes the Spanish woman George Michael is babysitting for to panic and have sex with him in the previous episode.

-At the strip mall where Buster is working as a drone pilot, there's a sign for "Dr. One Center" or "drone center." It's also a callback to Tobias's method one/methadone clinic confusion in a previous episode.

-A man in a "Blendin Maintenance" uniform is outside of Lucille's apartment, suggesting that she's being watched by the feds. "Blendin" is frequently the name of a fake company the government uses to spy on the Bluths throughout the show.

-In the hospital, Lucille tells Buster, "You're hopelessly hopeless, Buster. It's almost as if they wrote that song for my own son." Mark Cherry did write that song, "Getaway," for her own son, Gob.

-The Literal Doctor peels off mustache and says, "This doesn't make me look sexy. Throw it out," a callback to George Michael shaving his mustache off.

-Buster tells Lucille 2 that Herbert Love's "gotten himself in some pretty hot ham water this time," a reference the recipe Linday made in Season 3's "SOBs," which is something that Michael recalls in conversation with Andy Richter in "The B. Team."

-Lucille 2's campaign website says, "It's up to you New-port, New-port!!" which is a reference to her singing the song "New York, New York" in the 1977 Martin Scorsese film of the same name.

Episode 15: "Blockheads" (George Michael #2)

-Somebody votes for "Bender from Futurama," during George Michael's roommate dispute vote, calling back his campaign for high school president (which he also loses) in Season 2's "The Immaculate Election," in which he tied with "School Sucks" and "Bart Simpson."

-George Michael tells Rebel Alley he's getting furniture for his home from "Homefill," the company that made all the fake stuff in the model house.

-George Michael receives a ton of unwanted Twister games as gifts from the sex offenders just like how he receives a bunch of unwanted Monopoly games from Gob in the show's pilot.

-The housing site Zillow lists the address as "154 Tracey Lane." Michael named the street after his dead wife (the street also is a ghost town, a possible reference to Tracy being dead).

-When Lucille tells George Sr. they're getting a divorce, she says, "You're out of the marriage," which echoes Michael's frequent line "You're out of the movie." In "Flight of the Phoenix," someone tells Michael, "You're out of the play" during the Captain Hook flashback.

-The Imagine News crawl is just a list of reminders for Ron Howard, including one about wishing his daughter, actress Bryce Dallas Howard, a happy birthday. The crawl reads, "Happy Birthday to Bryce, and Ron don't forget you have that dermatologist appointment at two, IMPORTANT…"

-The number "2" is whited out after Lucille's name on her campaign flier.

-Buster being arrested at the end of the season means he'll be put on trail in future episodes, which is a callback to Michael's school play, The Trial of Captain Hook. Furthermore, one of the detectives who investigates Lucille 2's apparent murder is listed as "Detective Smee" in the credits of "Double Crossers." Smee is the name of Captain Hook's sidekick.


Thanks to commenters Megan, Tim, 1076, Jay, Arran, adamemerson1977, yowse, Rodrigo, T, Brad Gage, JT, pdillenburg, Dave, Matthew Heimlich, Kelly H., and Michael Desir for spotting some of these that have been added into the post.

Have you spotted any subtle jokes we missed? If so, leave a comment, and we'll keep this thing updated.

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  • Rodrigo

    That image from the first episode is itself a The Graduate reference, in that Dustin Hoffman gets off the plane back home in a similar shot.

  • pdillenburg

    Also in Episode 7 – GOB's caller ID for his son reads "Steve Holt!"

  • 20smtgPeterPan

    All of the maintenance workers, starting with the one's George Sr. refused to tip, are named variations of the name "Earl."

  • Nick Warren

    tobias auditioning for House is a reference to David Cross almost getting the role of Dr. House before losing it to Hugh Laurie (this is also referenced via vanity plates in Motherboy XXX – s2e13)

  • Tim

    I'm planning to review more closely on this theory, but I believe there are many references to Fox TV shows (possibly that have aired in the same timeslot AD originally did). If I'm not mistaken, P-Hound is a character's name in The Cleveland Show.

  • Brad Gage

    At the end of episode 5, a homeless man serves Tobias for wearing a The Thing costume from "Fantastic Four". That homeless man is played by Josh Trank who is directing the real "Fantastic Four" reboot for Fox.

  • Jay

    In "A New Attitude", when Sally Sitwell and Tony Wonder are in bed and she's shaving his legs, she says she's never had to do it before. More evidence of her alopecia?

    • http://twitter.com/ArranNZ Arran

      Also, they brush away a "caterpillar", which is presumably part of her fake body hair falling off.

      • adamemerson1977

        Yeah, her eyebrow falls off. Then she picks up the "caterpillar," turns around, and when she turns back again, all's well.

        • Kelly H.

          And Tony Wonder mentions finding a "fuzzy moth in the shower drain". Maybe her fake pubic hair?

  • Tim

    "The Thing" translates to "la mole," calling back to Tobias's previous costumed role.

  • Tim

    "The Thing" translates to "la mole," calling back to Tobias's previous costumed role.

  • kaboozleheimer

    "The house that (James Carr) Ed Helms sells to John Beard is the one he uses for the pedophile sting on Tobias. On his news broadcast, Beard says, 'Good luck getting the raccoon smell out of the gate house.' In Tobias's episode, 'A New Start,' John Beard tells him there's a raccoon out on the patio to get him to leave the sting house when he won't do so."

    This is not true; John Beard and company use the main model home as the bait house. Maeby is staying in it and rents it out to them to make money, as shown in the bar during her episode.

  • kaboozleheimer

    "The house that (James Carr) Ed Helms sells to John Beard is the one he uses for the pedophile sting on Tobias. On his news broadcast, Beard says, 'Good luck getting the raccoon smell out of the gate house.' In Tobias's episode, 'A New Start,' John Beard tells him there's a raccoon out on the patio to get him to leave the sting house when he won't do so."

    This is not true; John Beard and company use the main model home as the bait house. Maeby is staying in it and rents it out to them to make money, as shown in the bar during her episode.

    • http://twitter.com/bradfordevans Bradford Evans

      You're right. Thanks!

      • kaboozleheimer

        No problem at all. Thanks for writing the list.

  • Tim

    This one's so minor it may be coincidence, but Michael borrows $700,000 from Lucille 2, which is the exact value of the yacht GOB sunk with Kitty on board.

  • http://twitter.com/ArranNZ Arran

    At the strip mall where Buster is a drone pilot in Off the Hook, the sign says "Dr. One", which not only spells "drone" but is presumably a nod to Tobias mistaking "Methadone Clinic" for "Method One Clinic".

  • Dave

    The man arrested with the real George Mahares was named Perfecto Telles, or Perfecto T, the same name given to Maeby's underage boyfriend.

  • yowse

    Perfecto Telles was the name of the man with whom the real George Maharis shared the public restroom "incident".

    • mw247

      -George Michael mentions not wanting to be called "George Michael" or "Boy George" because of the singer George Michael's bathroom sex arrest and Boy George's arrest for sexual assault. The name he chooses instead is George Maharis, a popular actor from the '60s and '70s who, unbeknownst to him, was also arrested for committing a sex act in a men's room.

      From the link: " He was booked on a sex perversion charge along with Perfecto Telles, 33, the hairdresser, and released on $500 bail, according to police."

  • T

    Thin Wally's is also both a reference to the shop literally having a "thin wall(y)", as Michael and GOB crash through it, as well as to a recurring gag where things have "-y" added to the end of them ("nosey" on the check that Young Lucille writes, "stimmy" for the stimulus package)

  • OhDoogs

    Lucille's number in prison (07734) spells HELLO upside-down.

  • Dcell

    Multiple references to the 'Getaway' song by Mark Cherry: http://arresteddevelopment.wikia.com/wiki/Getaway

    Lucille Austero dances to "Getaway" in her apartment. ("A New Start")

    Mark Cherry writes the song for G.O.B. ("Colony Collapse")

    When Mark Cherry is in Austerity for rehab, he says "go away" and the other patients sing "Getaway". ("Smashed")

    G.O.B. makes the song his ringtone and he listens to it in the car. ("A New Attitude")

    Lucille says the lyrics to Buster. ("Off the Hook")

  • Jordan Siron

    The house for Entrap a Local Predator wasn't the anchorman's house, though. It's the family's house. Maeby rented it out to the anchorman for his show. This is why Tobias and Lindsay both stopped by to see Maeby, as they knew she was still living there. Gob also points out to Anne that there are hidden cameras from said TV show in his bedroom when he invites her over to make the sex tape (in an attempt to sully Tony Wonder's name).

    The crew sitting at the monitor gave him the idea to tell Tobias that there was a raccoon on the patio. The fact that he mentioned a raccoon smell in his own guardhouse, while still part of the joke, was a reference to an isolated incident we didn't see.

  • pickmeohnevermind

    In what seems to be a series-long running joke, either characters don't know Spanish when they've studied it or lived there, or things are flopped. In any case, it's a tortured relationship to the language.

    "Hermano" (GOB)

    "Cinco de Cuatro" (the Bluths)

    the Mexican Band is singing La Cucaracha in English at the pier

    "Adios Brothero" (Michael)

    "Adios Fathero" (George Michael)

    • Annie

      Also possibly related, when the (assumed Mexican) Mongolian horde destroys the Cinco de Cuatro festivities, one of the men goes up to Lindsay on stage, grabs the microphone and yells "Viva Mongolia" although the captions read "Viva Mejico".

  • ABrown

    In episode 14, when Lucille 2 delivers the juice to Buster, it's almost a shot-for-shot recreation of the milk scene in Hitchcock's Suspicion.

    Also, in episode 15, the scenes in George Michael's house where Michael and George Michael reconcile have been flipped in post production. You can tell because the buttons are on the wrong side of their shirts. This is probably because George Michael's house is the model home set with a different front door and other slight modifications.

    • Patrick Mahan

      Also when George Michael plays the piano keys in his house, it plays a higher note than the lower keys he was hitting

      • ABrown

        Or earlier in the same episode, where Rebel says something like, "It seems all backwards," and then leaves. Then George Michael goes over to his backwards refrigerator, looks around at the kitchen, and says "Well, maybe it is backwards" and draws more attention to the backwards refrigerator by grabbing a beer out of the left side (which is typically the freezer side, but the freezer is on the right because the image is reversed).

  • 1076

    Just in case it wasn't obvious the naming for Chris and Alia's fake names becomes "(actor) and an ostrich" when written last name then first.

    Rich Chrisandanost
    Chrisandanost, Rich
    Chris and an ostrich.

    Presumably because they used ostrich when disguising themselves.

  • mintsle

    When George returns to Lucille from the desert but is rendered impotent, he apologizes for giving her "the old noodle stab", which foreshadows the attempted noodle stabbing in Lucille's later episode.

  • http://twitter.com/rcgalbraith robrobrobislike

    In episode 5, Barry can't reach the knob over the gate in the jury demonstration with Bob Loblaw. Episode 6 shows him buying a step ladder (with cash, "no receipt"), presumably for that purpose.

    • TheCount

      Barry's side story is actually referenced a couple of other times too. In the second Michael episode he is having his mug shot taken (presumably after being arrested for breaking into, I think it's a playground?) and then when Maeby meets him in her episode, he is carrying the ladder and the gate in the background is the one he is later accused of unlocking.

  • Molly QTK.

    - In Lindsay's first scene in India she's wearing the pirate blouse that Tobias wore in the pilot, she makes a comment about the shirt being terrible, not recognizing it as her own shirt

    -When Tobias goes into the to To Catch a Predator bait house and is given a glass of lemonade he asks "is there alcohol in this?"…. it is the Mike's Hard Lemonade the narrator attributes to John Beard that Michael and GOB get drunk on together

    -Rebel was a Rebel, Maggie Lizer told lies, Marta Estrella was a star (estrella in spanish)

    • James Browning

      Larry Middleman is the surrogate "middleman" between George and the family while he is under house arrest.

  • angelo32

    the reference to Tobias being black, when Lindsay says that herbert love reminds her why she fell in love with Tobias

    • Jolie S. Evans

      like Tracy said I'm shocked that a stay at home mom able to get paid $9464 in one month on the computer. have you read this page w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

  • Justin

    Gene Parmseans day job is a fry cook at Chicken Dans (chicken dance)

  • Michael

    In episode 3, when Marky says, "I actually run an ostrich farm", the Indian music playing in the background is a person singing "Coiiiincidence". Then, after Linday's next line, "That's not a coincidence", a different Indian voice sings "Yes, it is"

  • JT

    George Michael accumulates a stockpile of Twister games much like he accumulated a stockpile of Monopoly games in the pilot.

  • Dima Spivak

    The city in India Tobias (and Lindsay) visit is Shuturmurg, which is Hindi for "ostrich."

  • JT

    Buster goes to the Donkey Punch stand saying that needs to punch something even if it were a donkey. Instead he ends up hitting Herbert Love who is presumably not a Democrat (the party symbolized by the donkey). If Buster is now anti-Love and supporting the Democrats, it could be said that Love received a blow from the Democrats, or a "donkey punch". (Is this too much of a stretch?)

    • Garrett Tillman

      I think it's a read, but it's a GOOD read…

  • Lakonislate

    In one of the first episodes, When young Lucille and young George Sr. are getting legal advice from their lawyers ("take to the seas!"), young Barry Zuckerkorn sticks up his thumbs and goes "heyyy…" That's what Fonzie used to do, right?

    • wrwes


  • ioneill

    Not too subtle although I know some people who missed it, when the Widow Carr leaves a message for Tobias she gets cut off saying that he got a call back for The Big Bang Theory. Possibly a jab at the show suggesting they were interested in hiring a terrible actor.

    GOB's inclusion in the entourage of Marc Cherry could be taken as a reference to David Blaine being a fringe member of Leo DiCaprio and Tobey McGuire's Pussy Posse

    • Garrett Tillman

      On your Big Bang theory observation – the show is referenced a few more times. When Buster is trying to use the remote in the army rehab center, he fast forwards too far into the episode and the nurse says something like "Stop Stop that's John Parsons!" I feel like there is also one more reference in connection with Tobias.

      I don't think it's necessarily a jab at the show, more of a 'missed opportunity' gag that Tobias lost out on his chance to be one of the biggest shows on television. But the shows are definitely polar opposites and it's been mentioned in various places that BBT is a stupid show about smart people while AD is a smart show about stupid people.

      • E. Jones

        Actually, the scene with Buster and the remote references John Cryer, not John Parsons. I took it to be a reference to "Two and a Half Men".

        • Yul

          The actor's name is Jim Parsons – not John – so the reference was not likely intended to be about the Big Bang Theory.

  • http://toomuchnick.com Nick

    Slate found one so subtle it might be a mistake: A Facebook chat "bloop" sound in the soundtrack. A commenter also noticed a "Disconnected from the Playstation Network" message.


    • Matthew Heimlich

      There are two of these. One is when Michael is trying to kick the tumbleweed in his first Episode I believe. Not sure where the other is but I checked to see if I got a message both times.

  • Mdurando

    Haven't seen this one yet but Lindsay's last name is Funke which could be pronounced Funky. Coupled with new boyfriend Marky Bark, they are Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch

    • Vic

      Marky Bark and Funke-Bluth.

  • Megan

    Also: Lucille's offense at Oscar's use of "sweaty old hotbox" about the sweat lodge is a callback to her taking offense at Michael's "musty old claptrap" about the cabin.

  • polysyllabic

    According to my friend, the kanji next to Mrs. Oh's name is the character for "fat" repeated.

  • http://caldwa.tumblr.com/ Andrew

    Rebel's last name, Alley, is Ron Howard's actual wife's last name (Cheryl Alley).

  • McParadigm

    I can think of no better proof that this show hasn't lost a thing than this page, right here.

  • McParadigm

    I can think of no better proof that this show hasn't lost a thing than this page, right here.

  • noonster

    During Modern Family's season finale, Julie Bowen's character says 'I've made a huge mistake'

  • Alicia

    It wasn't a hidden reference, but on Lucille Austero's website it read "It's up to you New-port, New-port". This is a reference to the song "New York, New York" which was famously sung by Liza Minelli.

  • howdeydodat

    In Episode 5, James Carr refers to himself as a "predator." He also sells a home to John Beard, who hosts the show "To Entrap a Local Predator: Orange County Edition Supercreeps." Later, James Carr commits suicide, but it is not explicitly stated why. It is possible, that he killed himself after being "entrapped" by John Beard, being that he is both a "local predator" and a "supercreep" real estate agent who is purposefully selling homes beyond the means of the buyer.

    At his funeral, it is said that perhaps his death can serve as a warning to "live within our means and be realistic about our lives." Tobias, as he often does throughout the series whenever someone tells him to be realistic about his situation, uses it as a message to further pursue acting. This ultimately leads him to impersonating "The Thing" and attempting to visit his daughter while in costume, only to be arrested for being a predator by John Beard.

  • James Browning

    I am pretty sure that the wreck of the Queen Mary and the fact that it is still there on its side is a reference to the wreck of the Costa Concordia: http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/06/world/europe/costa-concordia-opinion

  • CSend

    On episode four, the low ceiling in Michael's office is an obvious play on his huge debt,and how he's so desperate to make the movie to get rid of it

  • Kamo

    At Gob and Anne's wedding, the initials of the church (Church of Holy Enlightened Rapture) hang over them at the alter. The initials spell out HER and there is a staff next to the 'R' which is shaped like a question mark. This is a nod to how all the Bluths didn't understand what George Michael saw in Anne.

    • wes


  • Matthew Heimlich

    Just noticed on my second go through of the episodes that the detective who comes to question George after the Lucille 2 incident is named Detective Smee. I sincerely hope this plays into the whole "Captain Hook" joke at some point.

  • JT

    Lucille 2 tells Lindsay that she used to where the red wig with the Captain and she was Tenille. Captain and Tenille's "Love Will Keep Us Together" plays in the pilot when George Sr. announces Lucille Bluth as the new CEO of the Bluth Company.

    • JT

      Maybe we really should be asking this: is (Herbert) Love is driving the Bluths apart, or is Love ultimately keeping them together?

    • underscorex

      It's way dirtier than that.

      Lucille 2 was "Tenille?"
      "And no eye contact, yes."

      Tennile – To Kneel. And no eye contact. Yikes.

  • Kevin Wilson

    Pretty obvious one, which might explain why it's not there, but Maeby's repeated senior years are a clear callback to Steve Holt.

    Also felt like Zuckercorn didn't exactly put in effort to reach the doorknob, a reference to O.J. Simpson not trying too hard to make his glove fit.

  • Jonathan

    In the bodega where GOB buys his forget-me-now pills, on only one of the cutcenes there is a NYC Restaurant Inspection Grade sign right next to the mask that GOB comments on. Ironiclly it is an A.

  • Magic_Al42

    In episode 10, the Chinese writing on the mirror behind Lucille reads "555-2211" indicating that this is actually a fake phone number.

  • baby bananagrabber

    if i'm not mistaken, in episode 1, when we see an extended clip of "The Trial of Captain Hook," the student playing the judge yells "you're out of the play!" at Michael, after Michael crashes into the seal.

    • bobloblaw

      loose seal!

  • frnzferevolution

    Also have to think that George Michael having the mustache and being much more adventurous with it is a reference to his movie "Youth in Revolt" in which the mustachioed version of himself is the ego.

  • Zane

    In the very first episode when George Michael is first being introduced be Ron Howard a banging of a wood block can be heard

  • Josh S.

    The development of Barry's sexual harassment lawsuit is also pretty hilarious. It happens over a series of episodes in which he buys a ladder, is caught outside the school, and then eventually proves his innocence to a jury by showing that he isn't tall enough to reach over the fence (of course, without the ladder). It's terrible, disgusting, and absolutely brilliant.

  • Michael Desir

    Two things I don't think were mentioned in the article:

    1. In the first episode when they show "The Trial of Captain Hook," you can hear who was presumably young Michael shouting "You're out of the play!" which foreshadowed Michael's "You're out of the movie!"

    2. In I think the first George Michael episode when he was trying to figure out a name for the company, P-Hound suggested "BlockBlock," to which George Michael protests because he doesn't want the company to be associated with chickens. When P-Hound asks what he meant, GM was about to do his version of a chicken dance but was cut off.

  • dominicdb

    In episode 5, when Tobias and Debris are chatting in the bathroom and he mentions that his license plate says "A NU START" and she mentions a past film of hers called "ANUS TART", there is some scored singing that sings "COINCIDENCE".

  • Amy Susanne

    I'm thinking that Maeby's Opie speech was inspired by Aubrey's Plaza's Young Hollywood Award speech last year where she said something to the effect "old people can go fuck themselves". That's totally what I got from that scene even with the Sorority Letter lines dubbed in.

  • mg

    In "A New Attitude" Sally Sitwell and Tony Wonder (real life husband and wife) share a cigarette and plot to bring down GOB. This is a reference to Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright) Underwood doing the same thing on another Netflix original series HOUSE OF CARDS

  • Mike

    Any notice that indian man shouting every time someone is shown putting their hands together as a sign of "thank you" or "Hello"

  • Hari Sriskantha

    This is the second time George-Michael has punched an older member of his family for girlfriend-related revelations. (And both in season finales!)

    • Somedude

      Make that series finales

  • illuminatedwax

    I'm surprised you missed the other reference to Michael Cera's career: George Michael tells Rebel Allie that he'll beat up all of her boyfriends, referring to his role as Scott Pilgirm (where he does just that).

  • Loose Seal

    I think Maeby also eats the cheese/mustard mixture, but then makes a comment about not needing to eat it because she's rich.

  • FlunkJunkie

    In episode 14, Lucille 2 rebukes Buster's advances with the line "I'm nothing but a Horn and Hardart to you!" I didn't understand this line.

    some research. Horn and Hardart was a popular automat-style restaurant
    during the Great Depression, that remained popular for decades. Their
    sales pitch revolved around home-made quality food with automat speed
    and convenience. But the kicker was their slogan/jingle:

    "Less work for Mother, let's lend her a hand."

  • HWCook

    Lucille Bluth calls Lucille 2 an "old sterile cuckoo bird", not sure which episode. The Sterile Cuckoo was a movie Liza Minnelli did in the 60s and was nominated for an Oscar.

  • Tim

    Also in George Michael's first episode, when he asks if the F. after Maebe was a grade or last name, the lady says her grade was a drawing of Elvis' face, which is a callback to season one when Lindsey tells Michael that Maebe's old school didn't use grades, and then it showed her report card, which had a picture of Elvis' face as a grade.

    • Rebekah

      George Michael's reaction is then, "Wow, that bad."

  • Thisiswhyyoudontconfideinfox

    The "You're Killing Me Buster" banner is lying on the floor at the bottom of the Stair-Car's-stair in the shots where buster see's/finds Lucille Austero on the stairs.
    The banner is NOT there before, that is when Oscar is making out with Lucille 2 (time stamp on CCTV footage = half an hour earlier)
    ->assumption: Lucille 2 got somehow entangled in the banner and fell off the stairs

  • Tyler A

    Both Lindsay and Sally Sitwell are asked if they will run in place of the people for whom they campaigned–Herbert Love and Lucille 2, respectively–, a probable foreshadowing of yet another competition between the two (i.e. who the Bluths should adopt and their high school president election)

  • Kelly H.

    In episode 11, Gene Parmesan is at Thin Wally's and he's wearing a Chicken Dan's apron. It's hard to read but I think it says "Chicken Dan's, Shake your Feathered Bottom!"

  • junkmailboxer

    In episode 14, during Buster's time alone in the apartment, the narrator says "to an uninformed viewer, it looked a little like that Vince Vaughan movie Psycho" – the critically panned flop produced by Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment

  • Jason

    And people were saying this seasons wasn't the true Arrested Development because….?

  • wes

    George-Michael says something like "It's all backwards" in the model home when Rebel Alley leaves. The model home is backwards. Also Bob Fosse is the director of Cabaret, which Liza Minnelli stars in.

  • Matthew Carter

    I think Carl Weathers may be the CW behind CW Swappigan's.

    • Mike

      I'd have to agree. In episode 4 when Carl is in Michael's office he asks if he can swap out the one crinch doll for the 'restaurant'…

  • Josh Goodhand

    Rebel Alley is a reference to the rumors about Jessica Chastain being the illegitimate daughter of Ron Howard.

  • Alex

    The title card for the background of the Carl Weathers episode of Scandalmakers features a bowl full of stew (harkening back to Carl's predilection for making stew out of the most unsuspecting foodstuffs.)

  • Doug

    When Buster visits the prison lobby in Episode 14, the sign behind him says "NO TOUCHING" and "NO BEES," the latter being a reference to "Let 'Em Eat Cake"

  • Yaniv

    GOB think's a cross it a T when he finds it blocking his trap door in the sweat cave(reference to maeby asking "where can I get one of those T necklaces"? only to get the response : "It's a cross" and answering "Across from what?"

  • popnlocke

    Rich Chrisandanost is just "Chris and an ostRich"

  • popnlocke

    When Tobias is leaving the airport with a sheet wrapped around him, I swear it feels like he's impersonating E.T.

  • popnlocke

    When Tobias is leaving the airport with a sheet wrapped around him, I swear it feels like he's impersonating E.T.

  • tonesofheresy

    There's definitely something about the number 700 or 700,000. Michael owes Lucille 2 $700K and the note from Argyle Michael finds in the last episode says "Hoping you'll bring 700,000 of your friends tonight…" There was also a reference to just "700" in a previous episode but I spaced which one and what it was about, so I suck. Someone should research this! If no one does, I will when I finish medical school.

    • Doug

      "And As It Is Such…" also makes me think of The 700 Club.

  • tonesofheresy

    I'm also surprised no one caught this (or I missed it…or it was too obvious to be mentioned) but Maeby tells George Michael to call it "The FakeBlock" because it's "cleaner, like 'The Netflick.'" Both an awesome light-hearted stab at "The Social Network" and Netflix itself.

  • Brian

    When Herbert Love goes missing at Cinco and his assistant is frantically looking for him, he goes up to people individually, stares at them, and asks "Herbert Love?" He's got facial blindness.

  • jancelohann

    Episode 4 Kitty lowers her glasses and winks at Maeby. Her eyes go cross eyed like they did in previous episodes.

  • Matthew Lune

    Not sure if this has already been said but the campaign posters for the Herbert Love Rally are a direct throwback to the 'Family Love Michael' and 'Michael Love Marry' banners from season 3

  • Cameron Cole

    when carl weathers is in michael's office at imagine, he asks if he can keep one of the grinch dolls. at one point he refers to the doll as "old lady grinch", and notes that one of her eyes is missing. this is a fun tie into lucille 1, her famous wink, and young lucille's grinch (complete with green face cream) moment in a different episode.

  • JT

    The maritime judge Kornzucker is played by Bernie Kopell, who played the cruise ship doctor on The Love Boat.

  • Mike C

    In Ep 1, if you look closely at the map on George Michael's dorm room wall, there are stickers on (it looks like) California, Arizona and Spain…the only places George Michael has ever been to. Is this the subtlest foreshadowing of George Michael's trip to Spain later in the season?

    • Rebekah

      Technically because of the order of episodes it is foreshadowing, but the scene takes place chronologically after his summer abroad. The pins are in Orange County, Irvine, and Spain.

    • rob

      Every time the map of mexico is shown, mexico is in blue. A callback to the pilot in which Buster thinks the blue part of the map is land.

  • Rebekah

    Where you say that Buster is foreshadowed as being arrested for murder and also being innocent ("That was a freebie" when he destroys the doll), you forgot to mention that this is a mirror of the scene where Lucille is so annoyed by Buster's snoring that she beats him with a baseball bat, but it turns out to be a tape recorder and a pillow, leading her to say, (in Bluth fashion) "That was a freebie."

    When Tobias and Lindsay are packing for India, Tobias yells that he's already got the vanity license plate for A New Start, "so go cry in your pie!" In Buster's episode, he makes a habit of crying into the pies he brings for Lucille in prison.

    • Rebekah

      I also thought that the Funke Thanksgiving television cartoon was an ostrich and a "something" car, not a turkey.

    • Blazer

      That's not a baseball bat. it's a tripod, a clear reference to the real-life murder of "Hogan's Heroes" actor Bob Crane.

  • Charles

    Detective Smee is the one who shows up at the penthouse at the end of George Sr.'s second episode, when George Sr. has completed his transformation to a woman in Lindsay's red wig. Smee tries to question George Sr. but he says he never lets men inside without his husband there.

  • Matt

    George Michael also says 'gentlemen start your engines' when he sees Lindsey in the red wig, probably tying in with his love triangle with Rebel and his dad

  • Matt

    Buster's freebie is a reference to Lucille beating his bed with the tape recorder playing him snoring and Maeby says it in an episode as well, I think the one when she spends the day with Michael for take your daughter to work day

  • swampwitch

    episode 14: buster saluting and wearing a little blue peacoat= the famous photo of john kennedy jr saluting his father's coffin.
    don't know if that will work. if not, just google jfk funeral. it's pretty iconic.

  • Ryan

    In season 4 Michael and Buster do the 'sad walk' (Charlie Brown music playing the background). They were the only 2 to not do the walk in Season 2 episode 4 'Good Grief'.

  • TenKeyAngle

    In the opening credits of To Entrap a Local Predator, one of the messages types in the chatroom is something along the lines of "you are a hot-T", which calls back to Lucille giving Oscar a "hot tea" because he is a "hottie".

    In the second episode, when Heartfire is reading back George Sr's notes, she stops mid-thought of 'Lemonade' and thinks 'Lem…' instead. Lem is the name of Rebel's son.

    And can't forget Colonel Mustard, with a knife, in the ballroom.

  • Mike C

    In ep1, the first Fox report has the headline: "Pursed lips sink ships". This is a play on the phrase "Loose lips sink ships": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loose_lips_sink_ships Is this another reference to Loose/Lucille or referring to Lucille's being tight lipped on the charge? Someone help me out?

  • dgently

    Hey there, just in case you're reading this, I thought you might like to know that a writer on another site seems to be just ripping off your articles and posting them as her own. http://thestir.cafemom.com/entertainment/156081/15_sneaky_arrested_development_jokes

  • PhillyInDC

    The judge in the trial is played by Bernie Kopell who was the doctor on "The Love Boat" – which may be because its a Maritime trial

  • twoclippedwings

    Soccer ball in Lucille's closet, next to "dummy Lucille" that Buster created harkens to Castaway and Tom Hanks making it his companion.
    Also caller ID on cell phone says Jesus Krist when GOB was calling.
    One more, Siri on GOB'S phone say his name GOB (not pronounced Job, the name).

  • Henry

    In episode 10 we find out that China Garden's aunt's name is Olive Garden. And Lucille remarks to George that she was able to get Olive Garden to offer them unlimited bread. This is of course a play on the restaurant Olive Garden offering unlimited bread for dinner.

  • Brian

    In episode 4, right at the beginning when Barry and Bob Lob are in front of the school and Barry is trying to reach over the fence to turn the knob, he says he can't reach the Chaci. Obvious reference to Happy Days and Scott Baio's character.

  • Shleef

    In the first episode prologue Gob is about to take a forget-me-now and is surprised it's the last one saying "There's only one left… How could that possibly be unless – John beard Jr.!" a callback to the last thing he remembered from his Roofie cycle.

  • Srinath

    When Tobias lands in India, one can clearly see the airport name written in Hindi. It says Bob Hope Hawai Adda (Hawai Adda means airport)

  • ARGee

    When discussing Buster's star witness testimony, they changed the fish that swims by Buster's foot to an eel.
    HOW did they not refer to it as a loose eel?!

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