Friday, May 3rd, 2013

'Joe Dirt 2' Is a Real Thing That Is Happening

Don't worry, the Joe Dirt franchise is still alive and breathing. Crackle, Sony's digital network and studio, announced today that they'll be producing a sequel to the 2001 David Spade movie. The first film only grossed $27 million, but Spade cited the movie's high DVD sales at Wal-Mart (seriously) when he first started talking about a sequel in 2006. The sequel didn't materialize and Spade sold a Joe Dirt animated series to TBS in 2010. The project didn't move forward, but now Spade is prepping it as a digital movie for Crackle, to be released online streaming. A rep from Crackle said today that the Joe Dirt sequel "will break new ground as the first made for digital movie that is a sequel to a hit motion picture." It will also break new ground as the mot unexpected sequel ever.

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  • Stanley Tuccainz

    Joe Dirt is one of those turn of the millenium movies that actually holds up pretty well compared to other comedies from around that same time. It's good for a decent amount of laughs, so I'm honestly pretty excited for this!

  • k

    I'm confused. the last sentence of this story, "It will also break new ground as the mot unexpected sequel ever" makes about as much sense as making the sequel itself. wtf is "mot"?

    • Tony Redbone

      It's sponser is the apple sauce company.

    • Chelz

      I think its a typo. Supposed to say "most"

  • k

    as long as his 'new' ride has a HEMI, I'm down for a copy of it! LOL

  • Ron

    JOE DIRT, JOE DIRT, JOE DIRT!!!!!!!!! I own it and have seen like a 100 times; right up there with Caddy Shack for funny quotes. "Is this where you wanna be when Jesus comes back? Makin fun of poor little Joe Dirt?" "You're my sister….You're my sister…." A great pick me up movie when I have the blues. I want the sequel to be a real movie though not some digital download.

    • Chelz

      Not a download. You just watch it on the website or app. You can get the app on phones, or Xbox, probably a PS3/4 idk cuz I only have an Xbox. lol. But its kinda like Netflix original series that are made specifically by Netflix and for Netflix only.

  • Tighe

    Joe Dirt is a great movie. Crackle must be seeing everyone secreting watching Joe Dirt and realize that it would be a popular sequel!

  • Tony Redbone

    It's not Joe dirt without the mullet!

  • I love Joe Dirt!!!!!

    I'd love to see a Joe Dirt sequel!!!! Seriously……Please do it!!!!! JOE DIRT JOE DIRT JOE DIRT