The 47 Greatest, Most Hilarious Moments in ‘The Office’

In 2003, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s original and groundbreaking The Office concluded, ready to be duplicated by other countries, ready for all discerning snobs and television critics to denounce as inferior and as affronts to humanity. Two years later, we met Michael and Jim and Pam and Dwight and Ryan for a six-episode season. The American Office with the inexplicably good reviews got a renewal. Steve Carell was in 40 Year Old Virgin over the summer. We then met Phyllis and Stanley and Creed and Kelly and Darryl and Toby and heard that this show shoots way more material than they can ever fit to air. We watched as they were tasked to air twenty eight episodes a season. We saw them become the last anchor of the legendary NBC Thursday Night Comedy Lineup. We complained after Steve Carell left us, after some of us grew tired of him. We stuck around for its final, creatively ambitious, manic final year. We watched as the show’s universe collapsed on itself and are pleased that they just might come out of the rubble alive and still be funny, 201 episodes later, with one more to go.

Which leads us to this question: What happens when you put two Office fans together to create a combined list of their favorite moments from the show? You get a list of over one hundred scenes, debates about when Andy went from annoyingly cute to downright grating, and a bitter dispute over whether the Michael Scarn dance in season 7 is more memorable than Mose running alongside Jim and Pam’s car in season 4. In the spirit of The Office‘s series finale episode this Thursday, we forced ourselves to choose the 47 funniest, most heartbreaking, and/or most cringeworthy moments from all nine seasons, from the earliest to most recent.

Michael’s Chris Rock impression in “Diversity Day”

Roger: In regards to Kevin not nailing Mr. Rock’s cadence and messing up the joke, yes. In regards to everything else, no he does not and how is he not punched in the face? (Thank you Kelly.)

Michael has no surprise at the end of “Health Care”
office_healthcareR: According to Paul Lieberstein at Paley Fest, the final scene was scripted as “the longest pause in television history.” It ultimately went two and a half minutes, so long Steve Carell broke into a sweat from the awkwardness of the situation. Shouldn’t have cut a second.

M: I also like to yell out JIBBITY BLOO BLOO when I feel awkward or put on the spot.

Jim makes Michael say “That’s what she said” in “Sexual Harassment”

M: Consider this representative of every TWSS in the series.

Michael has a gun in every improv scene in “E-mail Surveillance”

M: We have to include Ken Jeong’s singular Office appearance. I also wish Erik Voss were here to explain how blasphemous of an improv performer Michael is.

R: Ironically, Erik couldn’t be here because of a tragic improv gunfight gone horribly wrong.

Creed mistakes poop for soup in “The Carpet”

R: The show never got too Creed crazy. Just the right amount of absurdity.

M: Never change, Creed. Never change.

Stanley yells at Ryan in “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”

M: I like when Stanley gets mad and I like when Ryan gets yelled at, so this is the best of both worlds.

R: It should be noted that he did not stutter.

Michael confuses Kevin’s “negative” diagnosis in “Michael’s Birthday”

R: Kevin was still an engaged, former professional poker champion who could look like the smart one once in awhile back then.

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