The Vine 5 Film Festival: Everything Old is New Again

Vine is a toy from Twitter that challenges users to make the most profound work ever committed to video in exactly six seconds. Or at the very least, challenges comedians to bring a little more laughter into this world. Every Tuesday we showcase five of the funniest short shorts of the past week.

Your RSS feed might be difficult and not show the videos, but trust us – they are there.

“Buster Keaton’s Most Famous Stunt Performed On Our Kitchen Table”
By Daniel Ojantlava

Every day, some Viners more than legitimize the app by out doing one another in the visual trickery department. There is some truly impressive, “I feel dumber for watching this because I don’t know how this was made, even if I had a year to think about it” work sometimes, but if the work isn’t considered comedic, it doesn’t belong in our little corner of the internet. But Mr. Ojantlava’s reenactment of the famous house stunt from Buster Keaton’s short Steamboat Bill, Jr. using an iPod and an iPad is more than welcome. God, my college education was pointless.

“Francis (the Fruit Bat) Has Astigmatism”
By Karen Tozzi

When Karen Tozzi isn’t in a JFK mask eating an egg, she’s dressing up her fruit bat pet in glasses while watching The Phallic Chin Family Hour. Tozzi’s commitment to keeping Francis is admirable, but wouldn’t Francis be better off if Karen just turned all of the lights off? Or am I misunderstanding bats and optometry?

“Terrible Episode of ‘Quantum Leap'”
By Ben Schwartz

Jean Ralphio and The Guy With the Sweet Hair on House of Lies, Ben Schwartz, starts in a contemporary reimagining of Quantum Leap, where Scott Bakula’s character would grow jaded despite being able to live as different human beings in different places at different times. Sometimes Schwartz would have to travel to a time before the internet, when GIFs of Pete Campbell falling down a flight of stairs or Pete Campbell getting punched in the face didn’t exist, so the boredom is understandable. Bonus points to Ben for finding a phone booth.

By Jordan Burt
Featuring KC Jones

Jordan Burt’s Vines tend to utilize all six thousand milliseconds available to him, so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if he storyboarded some of them.

“A Tree Walks Into a Bar”
By Gillian Jacobs

Gillian Jacobs thankfully succumbed to peer pressure and put the tree costume back on for a new twist on classic bar jokes. This time, the anthropomorphic being is the one serving the alcohol, and thus far in charge to kick itself out after it makes a terrible pun instead of ordering a drink like a normal person.

Playing in Theater 2

On the season finale of ‘The Viners’ by James Urbaniak featuring Steve Agee

Part of a fun Vine miniseries for Comedy Central’s #Comedyfest.

Vine Portrait by Jenny Wade

There are worse ways to find out.

“A Family Company” by Max Burlingame

Just because a company purports to be run by a Rockwellian family unit doesn’t mean all of their products are wholesome.

I Tried Really Hard by Andreea Hluscu

Seems like zero post-its should have been used instead of three.

Dreams Come True! by Eric Stonestreet

Eric Stonestreet is a bad man.

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