This Week In Web Videos: ‘Slutty Clothes’

Spring is finally here, and that means sunglasses, Frisbee┬átossing, and lots of dudes prancing around in Slutty Clothes. “Wait, what?” You heard me. That’s what it means. At least according to New York-based sketch group Simply Unemployable‘s latest release — a goofy ode to 1980’s “hot girl” movie montages and a male culture that annually celebrates girls bearing springtime skin.

The production value is fantastic as is the (prolonged) straight-faced devotion to a completely ridiculous and highly visual conceit. Well done, sirs. I look forward to seeing you in the park. I’ll be the guy doing Pilates in the see-through lululemons. No, but really — great job on the video. And my lululemons are black.

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