Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Videolist: Bill Hader's Best 'SNL' Sketches

With today's news that Bill Hader is leaving Saturday Night Live after eight seasons as a wildly-popular cast member on the show, we've collected videos of Hader's best sketches for a nice look back at the excellent work he's done on SNL. From characters like everybody's favorite clubhopper Stefon to ancient reporter Herb Welch and dead-on impressions of Al Pacino, Alan Alda, and Vincent Price, they're all here. SNL has some awfully big shoes to fill next year.

Check out a ton of classic Bill Hader sketches below:

From Hader's first episode of SNL. He and fellow new featured player Andy Samberg have an impression-off

Puppet Class

Herb Welch covers the Occupy Movement

John Malkovich Visits Weekend Update

Secret Word

Sports Show

The last-ever "Laser Cats" short

Playing Alan Alda and Al Pacino auditioning for Back to the Future

Bill Hader and Fred Armisen playing doormen in an unaired sketch during which they couldn't stop laughing

Eliot Spitzer visits the Update desk

Vinny Vedecci talks to Robert De Niro

Vincent Price's Halloween special with Jon Hamm

As Al Pacino as Charlie Brown in You're a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown

As Keith Morrison on Dateline

Hollywood Dish with Jennifer Lopez

Clint Eastwood Chrysler ad

James Carville on Weekend Update


And a best of Stefon compilation

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  • zen weapons

    I'd imagine we're getting one last Stefon and What's Up With That.
    I've been longing for another Vinny Vedecci for some time now. Puppet Class is one of my favorites and I remember liking the Sports Show sketch. I can't watch Dateline without thinking of Bill Hader's impression and inappropriately laughing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BusterAbbott Buster Abbott

    I'd forgotten about that Greg the Alien sports show sketch….that was amazing.

  • Eliza

    what a talent….he will be MISSED.

  • Carson

    Wait. Secret Word? What? Why?

  • fardmuhammad

    I'm gonna have to say that "Kanish" is a great honorable mention for this list. It's late in the game, but I thought the sketch was inordinately funny.

  • Dhppy

    Oh, how I loved his Vincent Price sketches. He's one of the most versatile performers SNL ever had.

  • astralislux

    You actually linked to Hulu to make this? Realize that most of these links are no longer available because Hulu takes down their own content.