A Video Guide to Nathan Fielder’s Pre-Comedy Central Years

For fans of Nathan Fielder’s new Comedy Central show, Nathan For You, or his hilarious Twitter experiments, it may seem like the comedian came out of nowhere this past year, but Fielder’s recent success is a result of cultivating his comedic voice via YouTube videos, which led him to TV work on Canada’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes and previous Comedy Central shows Important Things with Demetri Martin and Jon Benjamin Has a Van. Nathan Fielder began making his own short films as a 23-year-old living in Toronto in 2006, and his YouTube channel, which features over 30 original videos (short films, web series, and muic videos), is still up and a great place to see his dry sense of humor in a nascent state. We dug through Fielder’s YouTube archive and picked out the best stuff, all of it organized in the videolist below, including three music videos from his alternative jazz pop duo “Side of Smooth.”

Short films (2006-2010):


“Once a Year”

“Job Hunt”


“Demo Reel”

“Even the Best”

“Blow Out”


“Courage” (listed as Fielder’s final project in film school)

“watch this”

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