Thursday, June 20th, 2013

'Bad Teacher 2' Is Going to Be a Thing

A sequel to the 2011 Cameron Diaz comedy Bad Teacher is on the way. The studio announced today that they're developing a sequel with Jake Kasdan returning to direct and Cameron Diaz expected to return also. There's also a Bad Teacher TV show in production now, starring Ari Graynor (For a Good Time, Call) and expected to premiere midseason on CBS. It seems strange that everyone's so gung ho about turning Bad Teacher into a giant franchise considering that the original was only a modest hit and received mixed reviews from critics but for those of you who loved the first movie, however, there are plenty more chapters in the Bad Teacher saga to look forward to, apparently.

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  • mybriefhatphase

    Shot for $22 Million, and made $215 Million worldwide.

    I'd consider that a little more than "Modest Hit"

    • Jason Farr

      I'm with you. For some reason people considering a movie that makes $100 million domestically (like BT did) a "modest hit" because nowadays to have a bona fide Blockbuster you have to make more than $100 mil. This movie did internationally, but some people in the industry will stay say that because it didn't domestically it's still only a modest hit and therefore maybe doesn't deserve the franchise treatment.
      But both your point and the Bradford's are fair.