Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Someone Has Already Edited a Chronological Version of the New 'Arrested Development' Season

Never underestimate the enthusiasm of Arrested Development's fanbase. It's only been a week since Netflix released the show's new season, which took an unusual unchronological story structure, but two different fans have already begun editing the season's events into sequence for those of you who are curious what that looks like. Reddit user morphinapg has created 12 episodes covering the entire season that you can download here, while user Clawtrocity has, working a little slower, uploaded three edited episodes and is working on more. Given creator Mitch Hurwitz's aburdly precise attention to detail, he was probably counting on fans editing the season into order and there are probably several hundred new sight gags that wouldn't appear in the show's normal version.

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  • Matt

    arrested what?

  • brijazz012

    Alternate Headline #1: "Someone Has Already Sucked The Fun Out of the New 'Arrested Development' Season"

    Alternate Headline #2: "Two Guys Miss The Point of Things"

  • Connor Ratliff

    I wouldn't say this sucks the fun out of it, any more than the chronological version of Memento (a hidden feature on the DVD) sucks the fun out of that movie.

    From a recent NYTimes article:
    “You know what we ought to do?” Mr. Hurwitz’s longtime producing partner, Jim Vallely, remarked to him recently. “We ought to get Netflix to put the drives online that have all the media, and say, ‘O.K., now everybody, you cut it the way you want. How do you want to tell the story?’”

    Hurwitz has re-iterated the idea of "putting the drives online" to see what people do with it in several other interviews. I'd say these fanedits are totally in keeping with that spirit of fun.