Steve Coogan Is Writing a Memoir

British comedian Steve Coogan has signed a new book deal. Best known for his character Alan Partridge along with countless film and TV roles, Coogan has agreed to write an untitled memoir for publisher Cornerstone. The book is expected to come out September 2014 in hardback and in paperback the following year. Coogan said in a statement:

I’m delighted to be writing my memoir. It promises to be a sojourn through the faltering first steps of a lower middle-class boy who watched television to the dizzy heights of a man who achieved not only a multi-Bafta-winning status on television but also became fully middle-class and managed to annoy the Daily Mail at the same time. Wow.

Coogan recently starred in The Look of Love, a biopic of porn baron Paul Raymond. He can next be seen in the long-awaited Alan Partridge movie Alpha Papa, which is due out in the UK this August and doesn’t yet have a release in the States. He’s currently filming a sequel to The Trip that sees him reunited with costar Rob Brydon and director Michael Winterbottom in Italy. The memoir will technically be the second for Steve Coogan, who, along with his writers, published the hit fictional autobiography I Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan in 2011.

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