Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Watch Justin Bieber in a Cut 'SNL' Sketch Bill Hader Called "The Greatest Trainwreck Ever"

Here's "Song for Daddy," a cut sketch from SNL's dress rehearsal that NBC just uploaded online this week. It's followed by commentary from Bill Hader and writers Rob Klein and John Solomon, explaining how Hader was playing to an audience full of tween girl Justin Bieber fans who didn't get the sketch and how a stage wall almost collapsed on Justin Bieber a minute into the sketch. (via Warming Glow)

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  • fardmuhammad


    • Brandon


  • Eamon Doyle

    "Alive and well in Dover, Delaware."

  • Mance

    Should have killed Justin beaver, the little shit.

  • Alex Reynard

    This deserves to be a legend in the annals of cringe comedy. Oh god that kazoo.

  • Chamuel

    Dude that was epic. It was better than most the shit they air on SNL these days.

  • Sasha K-S

    Bieber's involvement was irrelevant, it was just a lame ass sketch. There was nothing he could have done differently to salvage it.

  • RedBulik

    It was funny, because it was so bad.

  • pete

    such a funny sketch

  • andaloudog

    Aimless and awful. Not even surreal until the last few seconds of the song. Incomprehensible. I'm with the audience, not funny either.

  • Ondreij Schevchenko