Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Bo Burnham's Poetry Book, 'Egghead,' Is Out October 1st

Comedian Bo Burnham is putting out a book of poetry. Called Egghead: Or, You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone, his first book is set for an October 1st release, and it's a mix of poetry, writing, illustrations from his friend Chance Bone. In an interview with Splitsider earlier this summer, he called it "an R-rated Shel Silverstein sort of thing."

Burnham posted this picture of the book on Tumblr yesterday, being sure to clarify that it's a normal-sized book and that he just has giant hands. Burnham writes, "I hope you find it silly and weird and sad and sweet. I had so much fun writing it." He plans on posting pages from the book on his Tumblr as the release approaches. Egghead received a glowing blurb from legendary comedy writer Jack Handey, who raves, "You have to be brave to be this hilarious, and this sweetly romantic. And of course, a lot of talent helps. Egghead is a remarkable piece of writing!" Bo Burnham's MTV comedy Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous was unjustly canceled by the network after one season last month, and he's currently getting ready to film his next stand up hour, entitled Bo Burnham: what.

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  • Nate Chartier

    You have no idea how excited I am for this Egghead and what. I'm a fan of just about everything that Bo does, and I'm sure that this book won't disappoint.

  • Sweetsauces

    This is going to be the best thing since the chicken pox vaccine!