Monday, July 15th, 2013

Claire Mulaney Hired to Write for 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live has started adding onto the writing staff for the show's 39th season, which is set to start up this fall. Claire Mulaney, a writer/performer out of Chicago, has just been hired to write for the long-running sketch show. She's the younger sister of standup John Mulaney, who has written for SNL since 2008 and is currently developing his self-titled sitcom, Mulaney, at Fox after NBC passed on it. Claire Mulaney is a Yale alum who performed on the school's longest-running improv team, The Yale Exit Players, before getting involved in Chicago's comedy scene after graduating. She currently plays on the iO Theater's Harold team Dogs and frequently performs at the Annoyance Theater. Mulaney is, so far, the first known new hire of the season as no casting/other writing additions have been announced yet.

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  • mohn Julaney

    Could splitsider (specifically Bradford) be even more on John Mulaney's jock?

    • Jason

      Yeah! Fuck that nice, talented guy! Why's everybody such a big fan of that guy who is nice and good at his job?


    Oh wait there is nepotism at SNL? LOL. You know Lorne loves those Ivy Leaguers

  • at the doctor

    Love all things Mulaney!

  • http://billyworm.blogspot.com/ The Cricket Nerd

    Left-field pick for Update? Please let her have her brother's screen presence!

  • Greg S.

    Shut UP about these PEOPLE!!