Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Dan Aykroyd Got One Hell of an Intro on 'Jimmy Fallon' Last Night

Dan Aykroyd made his inaugural appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. Fallon pulled out all the stops, delivering a Blues Brothers-inspired introduction for his SNL predecessor that'll make you wish he had original cast members from the show on every night of the week.

Check out Fallon's interview with Aykroyd below, which features a frightening story from Aykroyd about how he almost died in 30 Rock in the '70s because of a "door to nowhere":

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  • fallon621

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  • Arthur F.

    he first part Akroyd is old pro, he's got weight in all sense, but Fallon just comes off badly in contrast. He only fawns and overstates the obvious. He's already moving into Leno. But Seriously, the second and third clip is just one damn long VODKA AD?! What a corporate waste.

  • Dirsch Taggit

    Dan Aykroyd has been my favorite actor since I was a kid. Happy to see he's still got it.