Jim Rash Explains that “TV Ugly” Is a Real TV Industry Term

Jim Rash, Community star and Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Descendants and The Way, Way Back, has long had the Twitter name “RashisTVUgly.” He recently explained to Vulture¬†that “TV Ugly” is a terrible term that TV executives actually use:

“That’s not actually a self-deprecation thing. That was a weird expression that Nat [Faxon] and I heard in a TV development meeting, when we were doing a pilot many years ago. Someone used that term, ‘TV ugly,’ which I had never heard. They were putting actors in categories, and they were using the expression to say, “These are good-looking people, but on TV they’re not as good-looking.” [Laughs.] And I just made a joke that I was ‘TV passable,’ but they didn’t really get my joke. But the idea was that we were categorized, and I just enjoy that expression! I can’t tell whether they’re saying it’s a positive thing or a negative thing, whether they’re saying, ‘They’re attractive, but they can be sort of goofy,’ or whether they’re saying, ‘On TV, they’re … okay.'”

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