Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Reasons Behind Dan Harmon's 'Community' Firing Revealed

The Hollywood Reporter has an extensive Dan Harmon profile out today called "The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Dan Harmon," with a ton of new info about the reasons the Community creator was fired and rehired onto his show. Here's a section finally explaining why NBC and Sony let him go last year:

Harmon was forced out — a move the studio had considered making earlier — for a collection of reasons, including erratic behavior and an oddball leadership style, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation. Many say he regularly showed up hours late to work and on one occasion outright disappeared to San Francisco for a few days surrounding the SF Sketchfest comedy festival. A tug of war between his perfectionist tendencies and his procrastinator nature led to table reads being delayed — and, at least twice, canceled — and periodic all-nighters. (Former staffers tell tales of songs on season three's musical episode being written the weekend before shooting, and the set of the same season's video game episode still being built the morning production was supposed to start.) There was his liquor intake, which was substantial enough for Harmon to label himself a "ninja of alcoholism," and his habit of falling asleep during the workday, which his staff documented on a Tumblr account called Sleepy Harmon. Some of the show's writers insisted they'd depart if Harmon remained for season four.

Other highlights from the profile include a description of how Community star Joel McHale went to bat for Dan Harmon and got him hired this year, a quote about Harmon from Chevy Chase ("Dan and I are friends again. He's brilliant and can be very funny. The reason I wanted to do the show in the first place was Dan's writing. And I stand by that. But I have to go now, I'm very busy writing Community's Ice Capades Extravaganza."), and Dan Harmon himself talking ambitiously about the new season ("I want to astound people with a season five that makes an unbeatable argument for a sixth season. I want the headlines to say, 'Holy crap, Dan Harmon pulled it off.'").

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  • ruinersclub

    aww man, it makes "Sleepy Harmon" seem so negative in that context when it's really just adorable and wonderful.

    • Nate

      The tag line on the site was, "Genius hard. Harmon take nap nap." I'd say that they were definitely giving him some grief about behavior that was annoying them, whether or not it came from a place of affection.

  • mpsy

    Let an artist work damn it. Artists are the most selfish, neurotic, unbearable, unpredictable people in the world, but do you know why people let them get away with that shit? Because once in every thousandths of a time, they create the most amazing of feats that can rock the world around them senseless in awe. You know how great Community is, so writers and people annoyed at Harmon, please, shut-the-fk-up, suck it up! You're creating history with Dan Harmon, who for one is a grown fkn baby, so maybe you should be the ones that need to grow-the-fk-up.

    • anon

      well dude, you have to realize it is a tv show. a show. that means that there's a dead set deadline for each new episode. which means that harmon can't necessarily slack off, like not come in to work and literally take a vacation i think he wasn't even supposed to take to a festival. i mean that's crazy, no showrunner should do that. harmon needs to be there, working with the cast and writers and everyone. i remember from one article when chase left, that he said to harmon that he honestly is a genius, but he never comes in and he never sees the stuff hes making, that's crazy. and i can understand their frustration with harmon. its how they get paid, and the writers, the cast, the crew, they need harmon. a showrunner can't function like an artist, man. it doesn't work that way.

  • A-non-e-moose


  • Austin

    Dan I know your masturbatory brain won't let you not read this.

    This is obviously a get under your skin piece. Don't sweat it you lovely ogre. Go to work. Do a pomodoro. Pull it off you nerd.