Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Someone Please Help This Poodle Groomed to Look Like The Simpsons

Simpsons writer Matt Selman tweeted out a couple photos today of this poor dog that had its fur dyed and groomed to resemble the entire Simpson family, minus Maggie. Homer is on the poodle's other side (photo below). It's the work of award-winning Southern California dog groomer Catherine Opson, and you can see more godawful things she's done to animals here.

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  • Stuie299

    I feel so bad for that dog. :(

  • Darcy

    I guess I don't see what the problem is? If you look at all the pics of the dogs… you will see that they are deliriously HAPPY!! Creative grooming would not be able to be done on a dog that doesn't love it!! The dog wouldn't stand still for it! These dogs LOVE the attention and one on one with their owners/groomer. I have never done anything this elaborate, but I have dyed my dogs and I will tell you!! They LOVED the extra attention they got! These dogs are super well cared for. Most get the best of the best from food to coat care to love and affection. Trust me. There is little reason anyone could find to feel bad for these dogs!! Instead, feel bad for the ones whose owners don't bother to do regular maintenence on!! Those poor babies are the ones who suffer. I promise you this dog lacks for NOTHING!! … and is probably in better health than the average dog!!!

  • pupluv

    This hater needs to find a true hobby. Give your time to a local shelter and help dogs that really need help in poor condition. These creative dogs are very spoiled and very loved pets.

  • Tammy

    These dogs HAVE to be groomed….Do they care that they have designs or different colors?….NO!!!! These are the most well groomed, maintained and loved dogs around. For someone to get all butt hurt that the dogs have a bit of bling or looks different because they have some preconceived notion that this hurts the dogs is absurd! And that the dogs don't like it…Wrong again! These dogs go out in public and they love all the attention they receive. My poodle loved being on the table to be groomed. All products are not harming the dog and these dogs have the best conditioned coats. What average pet owner whos dogs are living in the backyard with no attention or well groomed as these dogs are, to say "Please help these dogs"…….Think about it!!!

  • Sandy Paws

    good job CAT,,, awesome as usual
    feel sorry for these haters, because they dont have a brain to think with

  • Sandy Paws

    id like to post a picture of a once a year groomed severely matted gross poop caked on its butt full of MAGGOT to show these morons what dog abuse really is…