Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Eric Andre Set Off Fireworks and Exposed Himself on 'The Jeselnik Offensive'

America's most unpredictable talk show guest Eric Andre is the guest on tonight's episode of Comedy Central's The Jeselnik Offensive, and here's a clip of him setting off illegal fireworks on the show. See below for video of the other crazy thing he does on the show tonight: pulling down his pants in response to a joke from fellow panelist TJ Miller:

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  • Nick Taylor

    Apparently no one over at CC caught 'Attack of the Show' during it's final few weeks last year. I think Andre was on first promoting his Adult Swim show, where he dropped trowel first showing off dick boxer shorts before then whipping out his actual dick. Then literally the next day, TJ Miller one upped him by whipping his cock out and fucking the Christmas Tree on set. It was great live TV…but you have to know them together is like a volcano filled with bees.

    • swtnips

      Dropped trou. As in "trouser". Trou.

      • TS Idiot

        Nonono, he'd been gardening beforehand and still had a trowel in his hand when he went on the show, then to the shock of everybody in the audience, he dropped it! Scandal ensued.

  • John Hodgman

    Congratulations to Anthony on tonight's show. Constantly getting 1-up'd by your guests every episode must be a great feeling.