Monday, August 19th, 2013

Fox Wins the Bidding War for Tina Fey's New College Sitcom

Next season, Tina Fey might end up having new comedies on two different networks. Last week, we told you that Tina Fey and her fellow 30 Rock writer/producers Robert Carlock and Matt Hubbard are developing a new sitcom and that multiple networks were in a bidding war for it. Now, Deadline reports that Fox has bought the project with a series commitment for 2014-15, beating out NBC.

The untitled series will be executive produced by Fey and Carlock and created by Hubbard. It follows an all-womens college that begins letting in men for the first time. This is the second show Fey has in the works for next season, following another show, a workplace comedy from 30 Rock writer Colleen McGuinness, she sold to NBC last week. For now, that's two shows she has in the works for next season, but there's still plenty of time for her to get more started up.

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  • Shawn

    it seems that Fox is really looking to poach NBC's talent – between Andy Samberg & Mindy Kaling getting sitcoms, Donald Glover heading to FX, looking to possibly pick-up Mulaney's sitcom and now buying a show from Tina Fey. it would seem Fox's current style of programming is much more in line with what NBC was trying to do 5-6 years ago and is now giving up on. I'm interested to see if Fox can sustain the "accolades over audience" model, or if they can do what NBC couldn't and actually attract a sustainable viewship.

    • Stuie299

      I agree completely. Unlike NBC Fox has FX and now FXX. If some of these shows are garnering accolades and not ratings I hope they aren't afraid to switch channels. Hopefully they've learned something by not moving AD to FX.

  • Brendan

    But I'd say the real winner here is Tina Fey…