Funny or Die Gets a Big Redesign

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s web video juggernaut Funny or Die debuted a massive redesign this morning, complete with new features, a new logo, and some usability improvements. While the site promises that the content won’t be changing, the front page has a slick new look, mixing in a lot more old videos with the new ones and featuring an infinity scroll. Other changes include the Funny/Die voting for each video no longer displaying a percentage rating, full credits for each video frustratingly not being viewable, and the disappearance of Earwolf podcasts, which the site had been displaying for the past two years after signing a partnership with Earwolf. To check out the changes, click on over to the site or to FOD writer Dan Abramson’s blog post about “the new Funny or Die”¬†and its upcoming wedding and sports coverage.

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