Vine 5 Film Festival: (A Clever Way To Say That Aaron Paul Is In This)

Vine is a toy from Twitter that challenges users to make the most profound work ever committed to video in exactly six seconds. Or at the very least, challenges comedians to bring a little more laughter into this world. Every Tuesday we showcase five of the funniest short shorts of the past week.

Your RSS feed might be difficult and not show the videos, but trust us – they are there.

This week on Vine a man got over his parkour friends having more fun than he is, yet another person pissed off Jesse Pinkman, dogs broke their silence about the work of our shadow government, a kind fellow likes your necklace, and a former, presumed but totally not dead high school basketball coach is touchingly remembered.

“Cool guys VS… ME. W/ Walter Masterson #bandana #parkour #XTREEM #Dubstep #RedBull #rippedabs”
By Tony Zaret

Tony Zaret is the Andy Kindler of Vine, getting laughs by constantly pointing out the construction of the most tired jokes and personas. In the video above, Zaret is mocking the devoted social media types that tend to lament not being out of the apartment on a Saturday night and tweeting about it, attempting to come off as being too cool for a social life in the process (but really we’re just too tired from the hard work on twitter all week.) Stand-ups and radio personalities substituting original, clever thought for loud indignation, and comedians who act zany simply for the sake of being zany, were also skewered over the past seven days.

“Never Got That Drink”
By Sunny Mabrey
With Aaron Paul

When the final season premiere of Breaking Bad began the other night, the twitter users who had forgotten when the show was coming back must have been very confused and alarmed to find that they were suddenly being subtweeted by several individuals as a “bitch” – it was scientifically impossible for people to properly articulate their excitement for Breaking Bad returning without adding a bitch to the end of their sentences. Sunny Mabrey got the opportunity to use the word right at Jesse Pinkman’s face at what I assume was a premiere party, only to find herself more sober than she had suspected she would be. Also note that Paul’s face is almost half covered in darkness, heavily foreshadowing that he is totally going to be the one to kill Walt.

“Conspiracy Theories With My Dog Ziggy”
By Alex Schubert

For whatever reason, dogs have been really vocal about all things 9/11 related lately, as evident by Alex Schubert’s vine above and Matt McCarthy finding his canine tracking down the truth behind that day. Dogs always seem to be the first to know, twelve years later.

“Twins Talkin’ 53”
By Ted Travelstead

Travelstead keeps on rolling with the great Twins Talkin’ series, coming up with one of its best episodes. In theory it cannot possibly be more awkward for a stranger to say clearly rehearsed lines to you in an elevator than it would be to ride with him (and his identical twin) in deafening silence, but in reality it would be utterly creepy, which is of course something the established naive Ted character would never realize.

“I Will Remember You”
By Mike DiCenzo

As terrible as the Sarah McLachlan song “I Will Remember You” is for overshadowing the much better Surfacing singles “Building a Mystery” and “Sweet Surrender”, it has provided some great moments of comedy by playing up an unjustified instant nostalgia. DiCenzo, writer/Bucket Hat Guy for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, might have been working with an already established premise, but Mark Curry had the perfect amount of exposure in the 1990s and the perfect amount of anonymity in 2013 to make it work. Curry is actually currently on television, playing a comedy writer that is also Scott Baio’s best friend on the Nick at Nite original sitcom See Dad Run, but you could only know that from a late night TGIF YouTube worm hole and access to Wikipedia.

Playing in Theater 2

Fuck Gingivitis by Avery Monson

No doubt inspired by Bill Hicks’ idea for a Coca-Cola ad and the 1990 Dudley Moore movie Crazy People.

Introducing: The Funnyifier™ by Electrolemon

Electrolemon has examined the life not worth living using the number 69 as a subject of humor before, but this time it is in app form.

My Friend’s Opinion On Gay Marriage by Carly Jakrezewski

Even the dogs that aren’t 9/11 truthers still upset their owners from time to time.

Maui Museum of Maui’s Welcoming Commercial. Mahalo by Kenny Murphy

Fake mustache = funny.

Dead People Be Like… by Chris D’Elia

Chris D’Elia’s alternate version of the instant classic “Dead People Be Like” is almost as good as the original/a bit more graphic.

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