Monday, September 16th, 2013

Brooks Wheelan Is the Final New 'SNL' Cast Member

Los Angeles standup Brooks Wheelan is joining Saturday Night Live as a cast member this season, Lorne Michaels told The New York Times yesterday. Wheelan was announced as a writer for the show last month, but was ultimately chosen as the final new cast member. Today, NBC is expected to officially announce the other new cast members are Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Kyle Mooney, Noël Wells, and Michael Patrick O'Brien, while last year's featured player Tim Robinson will move to the writing staff.

Wheelan was a contributing writer at CollegeHumor, and last year, he was named one of Comedy Central's 10 Comics to Watch. Even more prestigiously, he was on Splitsider's list of up-and-comics back in January. Check out a couple of his sketches from Funny or Die and some of his recent standup below:

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  • John

    I'm pretty sad about Tim Robinson never really getting a chance in his first season, and being just a writer now. He had the best physical comedy chops of anybody on the cast, if you saw Cook County Social Club. They just never used him for that. I also remember being at DCM and Bobby Moynihan having nothing but praises for the guy. Strange.

    • Michael San Filippo

      Agreed. Bill Hader also had some great things to say about him as well (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/20/bill-hader-leaving-snl_n_3626495.html). I'm still holding out hope that they'll work him into a sketch or an Update feature and people will be able to see the value he can bring to the show, and they'll use him in that capacity again. If not … it's a shame he wasn't able to do the Schlub Life pilot with Brendan Jennings.

  • http://www.bendouwsma.com/ Ben

    Why would they demote Tim Robinson when two cast members have praised his work? There's a chance he might have requested the change himself to allow more of his ideas to make it to air, but if it was Lorne's idea, it's a bad call.

  • Self Loathing Liberal

    Um, nobody likes white people, so why do they keep hiring them???? How have we not as a human race annihilated the whites yet?????????????? Seriously, fuck white people, they've done no good for the planet Earth, they have no creativity, no talent, no….NOTHING!!!

  • AGoodQuestion

    Even with Tim Robinson – for better or worse – being relocated to the writer's room, this cast looks to be huge. I look forward to seeing the new cast members in action, but it will be a miracle if someone doesn't get screwed this year.

  • moz

    ooh, that laughter on his "meth" stand-up video sounds incredibly forced :(
    i should've chosen another video to watch first, because now i'm really soured against him and i don't want to watch any others!

    i'm a little bummed about having so many white dudes rolling into SNL, but i don't know how to fix it.

  • Vinny H.

    Since we know the way it mainly works at SNL is that a writer will pitch something for a specific cast member to do or the cast member will pair up with a writer or 2 and self-generate material, I am guessing that Tim Robinson just couldn't get his stuff on air. Bill Hader on Howard Stern said Tim is one of the funniest people during the pitch meeting so I can only assume he must havve got lost in the shuffle. The little you did see of him he was always funny but they gave him super lame characters to play.