Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Dave Chappelle's Shows Since Connecticut Have Been Going Great

Last Thursday, Dave Chappelle made headlines when he cut his set short in Hartford, Connecticut, walking off stage early after several members of the audience rudely screamed out Chappelle's Show lines at the top of his show and refused to calm down. Since then, all of Chappelle's tour shows over the weekend have been received well and without incident. The comedian is currently headlining Funny or Die's Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival tour, which has taken him to Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Detroit since the Hartford incident.

The tour has been taking extra precautions since Hartford, like banning cell phone use and posting signs that read "texting, tweeting, heckling, talking, cameras or recording devices of any kind" would result in being kicked out of the show. Reviews of Chappelle's performances on the tour's Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Detroit stops have been unanimously positive, proving that the Hartford incident was just a fluke caused by a disrespectful audience.

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  • http://thelisaham.com lisanham

    I saw the Detroit show, and he was absolutely brilliant. He absolutely killed.

  • Nick Taylor

    Weird right? Let a performer perform and the results tend to be better.

  • steve

    Doesn't mean he didn't melt down at the prior show. For a person who has a history of melting down it's not hard to believe it happened. According to a number of people there it did.

  • BorrowedSuits

    Those signs were up at the Hartford show — but totally unenforced. That said, it wasn't a blizzard of shouters by any stretch. And at one point, he had the whole joint dead silent but declined to take advantage of the moment, offering a blanket insult instead.

    • Valmont

      There should be no shouters and what the hell do you need your phone out when you just paid money to watch a real live person perform? Audiences of adults should respect the artist. Just another example of people demostrating that money can't buy class.

  • Blakers

    They had the signs up at the Houston show, the second of the tour. And they were Nazis about enforcing the no cell phone rule there. Don't even think about looking at your phone without getting swarmed by security guards