Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

'Futurama's Final Episode Airs Tonight

After 14 years (on and off), seven seasons, and two networks, Futurama is endings its run with one final episode tonight. Comedy Central, who revived the series in 2010, opted to cancel it in April. Tonight's final episode, entitled "Meanwhile," finds Professor Farnsworth introducing a device that can transport people back in time 10 seconds, while Fry proposes to Leela once more. And as is required by law for TV shows these days, there's a Chris Hardwick hosted aftershow and preshow online.

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  • boo hoo

    please let this be it. enough of this miserable show.

    • asdfghjkl;

      Nooo this Was a fab show~

    • BetterCallBobLobLaw

      Miserable. You have got to be the worst troll in existence. This show had more heart and humor then any live action show.

  • Iztok67

    I am 46 and i am sad that thise show ended. But it is better to end now while is still good (great for me but tastes vary)