Friday, October 18th, 2013

Fox Gives 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' a Full Season Order

Fox announced today that they've ordered nine more episodes of the Andy Samberg cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, bringing the show's total episode order for the first season to 22 and ensuring that it will be around for the whole season. Fox will also be airing a new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in a coveted post-Super Bowl slot, along with New Girl, in February.

Created by Parks and Recreation team Mike Schur and Dan Goor, Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered on Fox last month and has been struggling in the ratings a little bit despite critical acclaim (it's our favorite new show of the season). While Brooklyn is underperforming a bit, it may be because of its weak lead-in, Fox's other new fall comedy Dads, which has yet to be picked up for the back half of the season.

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  • Peretti Loyalist

    Good news. I think it will take a season or two to really get going, but it will end up being really good, like the way Parks and Rec progressed. And in the meantime we can just enjoy Chelsea Peretti nailing it.

    • Hunter Boyette

      True. While I really like the show already, I'm pretty sure I'd watch it even if all the other cast were let go and the show was retitled 'The Chelsea Peretti Show."

  • lonelyyyyy

    Awesome news! The show has some work to get to its potential, but I think Andy and the crew can do it. Good job by Fox for giving them a chance.

  • Jon

    Yeah, so I guess I'm not only who felt pretty disappointed with the show? Not many laugh out loud moments and none of the characters really stand out. But then I wasn't a huge fan of Parks n Rec until the second season or so, let's hope it's the same case here.

    • Jon

      I should really learn to proofread.

    • Hunter Boyette

      I respect your opinion, I really do, but I honestly think that by the third episode of Brooklyn 99, the writing is as good as the second season of parks and rec. Although I agree that it will take the cast and crew time to see what really works best for them.