Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Fox Orders John Mulaney's Show to Series

It looks like John Mulaney's sitcom has found a home. THR reports that the Fox network has ordered the comedy, titled Mulaney, to series after NBC developed the show but passed on it in May. The Lorne Michaels-produced multi-cam show's original pilot (review here) starred Mulaney (who also created it), along with Martin Short, Elliott Gould, Nasim Pedrad, Griffin Newman, and Seaton Smith, but only Short and Mulaney are confirmed to return for the Fox version of the series. Pedrad, who would have left SNL to do the show at NBC but probably won't move be able to get out of her SNL contract to go to Fox, looks like she may have her role recast along with Elliott Gould.

Check out our review of the original pilot taping here.

After NBC passed on the show, Fox ordered a new version of the pilot script in July, with the expectation being that they'd pick up six episodes if they liked the new draft, and the series order looks like it's still for six episodes. The original pilot followed Mulaney, a popular standup and SNL writer, playing a fictionalized version of himself, struggling to be a good person while dealing with his roommates (Pedrad, Newman), game show host boss (Short), and wise gay neighbor (Gould). John Mulaney had SNL writer Marika Sawyer, Tina Fey's 30 Rock co-showrunner Robert Carlock, and 30 Rock and Parks and Rec producer David Miner working on the pilot, but there's no word if any of them are returning either.

This is just the latest example of Fox making the kind of smart, critically-acclaimed show NBC used to make, and one that's filled with NBC veterans a la Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Mindy Project. It took a while, but Mulaney has finally found a home.

UPDATE: Splitsider has learned that Elliott Gould won't be returning for the Fox version of Mulaney.

2nd UPDATE: We've learned that Nasim Pedrad will be reprising her role from the original pilot in Fox's Mulaney. Her status at SNL has yet to be confirmed.

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  • getawaysticks


  • morley

    That's a shame about Elliot Gould, but I'm still happy this is seeing the light of day.

  • JeffMc2000

    Too bad Mullaney seems determined to stick with the three camera thing. I really can't watch those shows anymore.

    • Matt

      well that's because you're a moron.

      • Stuie299

        No it's because the format is limiting and outdated. There's a reason why all of the good writers make single-cam shows. I really wish Mulaney would follow suit. Who knows though. Maybe it can strive to be the next Seinfeld, NewsRadio, or at least That '70s Show.

        • JeffMc2000

          I like all those shows, but I look at three camera sitcoms the way I look at people who smoke. I can understand old people doing it because they didn't know any better, but there's no excuse for young people to start.

      • JeffMc2000

        Really? What three camera sitcoms should I be watching? Mom? Two And A Half Men? Two Broke Girls?

      • Nabend1401

        Ron Paul 2012

  • John

    I love john, but i hate multi-camera!!!! the set and the laughs just make the show less funny. Shows use multi-camera to make it look plastic and to tell you when you should laugh. I would be so pleased if he changed it to single camera so it can have a parks and rec or the office vibe to it

    • Matt

      yes, we need more shows that look and feel like each other, good point. single cam shows will never get old and stale like multi-cam ones.

      • JeffMc2000

        You're really Chuck Lorre, aren't you, Matt?

  • Zach

    A year ago, I would be sending letters to Fox demanding that they insist upon a single camera format. Now I realize, if the writing is good it really doesn't matter. For every Arrested Development or The Office, there is a The New Normal or The Mindy Project. For every Two and a Half Me or Yes Dear, there is a Seinfeld or NewsRadio.

    • JeffMc2000

      It's telling that the best examples you can give for three camera shows are fifteen years old.

      • moz


        • JeffMc2000

          Fair enough. But I still prefer Peep Show and Spaced to The I.T. Crowd or Black Books (both good shows), and that may be mostly because of the format.

  • Bhess

    One or three camera shows need to be judged as they are. Funny is funny regardless of cameras.