Here Are a Bunch of FCC Complaints About ‘The Simpsons’

The website Government Attic obtained a list of indecency complaints the FCC has received from viewers about The Simpsons from 2010 to 2013, after requesting it via the Freedom of Information Act. There’s also a report (pdf) on South Park complaints too. (via Gawker)

My favorite Simpsons complaint is one that simply reads, “I Don’t Think So, Mr. Simpson, Because I Would Make 20th Century Fox Film Corporation Take This Evil show Off The Air Only To Get Small Wonder Back Onto The Channel Every Sunday Night.” The lengthy document contains tons more weird complaints from weird people, and we’ve collected the best ones (mostly about groin kicking) below:

A family cartoon show, Mr. Simpson was in his house totally nude & went outside naked while his neighbor was watering her grass. Then his wife ran out of the house trying to cover him with a towel.

Mr. Simpson is portraying in Playboy magazine & hires someone to take nude pictures of him while the children are outside the house. The children look thru the window & see him in different poses for the pictures. It?s pornography, a disgrace to make children think it?s ok to be on Playboy magazine.

I found the shows portrayal of Ned Flanders as a mindless killer following the orders to kill people from Homer Simpsons transponder bible highly offensive. Further, the depiction of God as subservient to Satan is blasphemous and revolting to a true Christian believer. The “God” character referring to Satan as “the big guy downstairs” is highly~offensive. The next affront to my faith is hte depiction of God as a servant to Satan by giving Satan a cup of coffee. This is all the further I cared to watch this program. This depiction of Christianity has become a standby for “The Simpsons” and I find it highly offensive. Thank you for your time.

The portion of the episode “Dial D for Diddly”, portraying God as a liar who was subserviant to Satan is the part I found to be particularly offensive.

Language used was the concern. Talking about taking a poop, found this offensive. Another was having to take a pee, found offensive as well. Need to use better language as in the past when language was more pure.

I was shocked to see sexual violence when a cartoon character of an Israeli girl was using her knee to repeatedly strike a boy’s (Bart Simpson) groin. It is amazing we would encourage our children during family hour to do such a terrible thing. Imagine if bart was kicking the girl’s groin! I implore you to protect our young kids from such psychological damage that may very wile lead to physical damage and seriously punish the guilty please.

One line was about whipping someone’s toosh.

“The Simpsons”, depicted a girl kicking Bart Simpson in the groin over and over and over, at least IO times, before he said “stop kicking me in the groin” and she replied “no groin, no krav magra” and then she resumed repeatedly kicking his genitals.

Approximately four minutes into the show, I was disgusted to see the Simpsons make light ofthe tragic sinking and subsequent horrific experiences ofthe survivor’s ofthe USS Indianapolis. Is there any subject that television show producers will treat with respect? Over three hundred Americans died on the Indianapolis as it sank on July 30, 1945.

I Don’t Think So, Mr. Simpson, Because I Would Make 20th Century Fox Film Corporation Take This Evil show Off The Air Only To Get Small Wonder Back Onto The Channel Every Sunday Night

“The Simpsons”, depicted Lisa Simpson kicking Bart Simpson in the groin leaving him lying on the floor in sexual agony

the director Matt Groening ofthe Simpsons was talking to his audience about his show and used his middle finger to identify points. I was insultated that he would be flicking offhis fans. it happened around 8 pm it is against the fee regulation i have already contacted fox in chicago and the station operator thought it was funny and stated he will look into it.

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