Friday, October 18th, 2013

Here Are a Bunch of FCC Complaints About 'The Simpsons'

The website Government Attic obtained a list of indecency complaints the FCC has received from viewers about The Simpsons from 2010 to 2013, after requesting it via the Freedom of Information Act. There's also a report (pdf) on South Park complaints too. (via Gawker)

My favorite Simpsons complaint is one that simply reads, "I Don't Think So, Mr. Simpson, Because I Would Make 20th Century Fox Film Corporation Take This Evil show Off The Air Only To Get Small Wonder Back Onto The Channel Every Sunday Night." The lengthy document contains tons more weird complaints from weird people, and we've collected the best ones (mostly about groin kicking) below:

A family cartoon show, Mr. Simpson was in his house totally nude & went outside naked while his neighbor was watering her grass. Then his wife ran out of the house trying to cover him with a towel.

Mr. Simpson is portraying in Playboy magazine & hires someone to take nude pictures of him while the children are outside the house. The children look thru the window & see him in different poses for the pictures. It?s pornography, a disgrace to make children think it?s ok to be on Playboy magazine.

I found the shows portrayal of Ned Flanders as a mindless killer following the orders to kill people from Homer Simpsons transponder bible highly offensive. Further, the depiction of God as subservient to Satan is blasphemous and revolting to a true Christian believer. The “God” character referring to Satan as “the big guy downstairs” is highly~offensive. The next affront to my faith is hte depiction of God as a servant to Satan by giving Satan a cup of coffee. This is all the further I cared to watch this program. This depiction of Christianity has become a standby for “The Simpsons” and I find it highly offensive. Thank you for your time.

The portion of the episode "Dial D for Diddly", portraying God as a liar who was subserviant to Satan is the part I found to be particularly offensive.

Language used was the concern. Talking about taking a poop, found this offensive. Another was having to take a pee, found offensive as well. Need to use better language as in the past when language was more pure.

I was shocked to see sexual violence when a cartoon character of an Israeli girl was using her knee to repeatedly strike a boy's (Bart Simpson) groin. It is amazing we would encourage our children during family hour to do such a terrible thing. Imagine if bart was kicking the girl's groin! I implore you to protect our young kids from such psychological damage that may very wile lead to physical damage and seriously punish the guilty please.

One line was about whipping someone’s toosh.

“The Simpsons”, depicted a girl kicking Bart Simpson in the groin over and over and over, at least IO times, before he said “stop kicking me in the groin” and she replied “no groin, no krav magra” and then she resumed repeatedly kicking his genitals.

Approximately four minutes into the show, I was disgusted to see the Simpsons make light ofthe tragic sinking and subsequent horrific experiences ofthe survivor's ofthe USS Indianapolis. Is there any subject that television show producers will treat with respect? Over three hundred Americans died on the Indianapolis as it sank on July 30, 1945.

I Don't Think So, Mr. Simpson, Because I Would Make 20th Century Fox Film Corporation Take This Evil show Off The Air Only To Get Small Wonder Back Onto The Channel Every Sunday Night

"The Simpsons", depicted Lisa Simpson kicking Bart Simpson in the groin leaving him lying on the floor in sexual agony

the director Matt Groening ofthe Simpsons was talking to his audience about his show and used his middle finger to identify points. I was insultated that he would be flicking offhis fans. it happened around 8 pm it is against the fee regulation i have already contacted fox in chicago and the station operator thought it was funny and stated he will look into it.

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  • deacon lf

    this is amazing

    • Richard Burgis


  • Jerry Mandering

    Lol, the Krav Maga scene was the best!

  • 3thq346q3hq4hj

    these people should all be executed

    • hellodotjpg

      they where old when the simpsons was relevent, odds are they're dead already!

  • Carson

    The second last one – "sexual agony" oh man

  • DavidH

    To the people who made all those complains I have 3 words for you: GET A LIFE! :)

  • Stuie299

    We're only talking about The Simpsons and only complaints made between 2010 and 2013. I would hate to see the ones for South Park or Family Guy.

    • drewzer15

      The link for South Park is up there.

  • zaz_cag

    And here's our response to these complaints (sticks out tongue and makes raspberry sound)… wait, that's The Far Side.

  • Andy


    • krusty the klown

      sex cauldren? i thought they shut that place down.

  • sage

    americans are so sensitive to this stuff, why?

    • Groth1175

      cause they have been told to be sensitive about it, these people are best ignored.

      • Yeah, Nah

        Farcical Complaint Centre

  • TingMoSing

    lol, poeple have WAY too much spare time on their hands. Thats for sure.
    Anon-Works dot Com

  • Noneya

    I love how the groups that preach tolerance have none. All these people need to untwist there panties and get a life. It's called flip the channel if you don't like it. Instead of trying to make it shit for the rest of us. Glad these never got the show removed. lol. Cause it's ridiculous. One person is like I find poop and pee offensive. Well hell you must be offended every time you go to the bathroom them. Some people just need to learn to take a joke.

  • neverseen

    Lisa Simpson kicking Bart Simpson in the groin leaving him lying on the floor in sexual agony…sexual agony XD Are these even real people?!? I cant stop laughing.

  • jeff

    I find utterly annoying when people complain about shows for their children. If you ddon't want your kids watching it change the God Damned channel, it's the buttons that look like arrows or have a plus and minus sign on them. For God sake they have channel blocksfor a reason. Emailing tthe creators isn't going to make the shows any less offensive and the sooner you realize that that the offensive humor in the shows is literally what they are based off of the better you will be. Or the more you'll complain and they'll post them for us to laugh and scoff at.

    • Tippycanoe4

      I tried what you suggested about the arrow button with the plus sign, but it only made matters worse. The offensive jokes are so loud now that I can't escape them, even without my hearing aids. Please advise.

  • Jordan Liske

    all these complaints that its a family cartoon. its not. lol so pathetic hahaha

  • eatshitndie

    old people get offended so easily.


      Hey! I'm an 'old people' and I resent that….along with poop and piss.

  • http://dailyprune.com dailyprune

    "Is there any subject that television show producers will treat with
    respect? Over three hundred Americans died on the Indianapolis as it
    sank on July 30, 1945."

    Too soon, guys. Too soon.

    • http://www.furaffinity.net/user/happywulf/ HappyWulf

      It's been 10 years, is AIDS funny yet?

  • Vince

    All these people obviously lost their remotes and don't know how to turn their TV's off. Poor innocent viewers…

  • Pedro Martinez

    this is why i hate christians

    • Satan

      True dat. They think having a mental delusion is deserving of respect.

    • benji

      You hate (strong word) Christians (large group of people) because of some complaints, wow you certainly don't sound narrow minded at all!
      If you hate a group that large for a minor an issue as this I should struggle to understand your extreme hate for any other group of whom a few individuals might seriously offend you!
      Sounds like you are classic racist material right there my friend, might want to have a think about how easy you are driven to hate…

      • http://www.furaffinity.net/user/happywulf/ HappyWulf

        I hate christians too! But guess what, I'm not racist because christianity is not a race, it's a religion, and religion brainwashes people. Look at the GOP and the people who vote for them. Why? Because gawd.

        • Piclkes

          i think it would be more apt to hate christianity and think of the christians as victims in an abusive cycle

      • Victor Hewett

        why don't you pull your dick out of your ass, it's all christians who are hate filled bigots. And racist really, go read a book then kill yourself for not knowing what racist means.

  • woodwork_hodges

    " Is there any subject that television show producers will treat with respect? Over three hundred Americans died on the Indianapolis as it sank on July 30, 1945."

    Too soon?

  • Groth1175

    Not a single complaint had any merit.

  • Bibleseatbabies

    HOLY SMOKES, Check this one out: "This pertains to things being said that I insist are about Me. I have in the past sent You a hand written complaint regarding

    this, I was told sorry. There is more then one infraction too. Forgive the information I submitted because I know it is wrong,

    it has been a couple years since the crimes have been committed, which is one reason I am interested in urgencie, statutes

    only last for so long. I had complained about Craig Furguson saying, "Richard Pattison, Killeen Texas!". This is a bizzare

    case I admit from The beginning, but one that is factual. "Marge! Marge! Marge! Or is that? Kelly! Kelly! Kelly! Oh, I

    wanted the Magilla Gorilla!", was said on the Simpsons also. Let Me explain something here, I went to school with Richard

    Pattison and He knew I was I living in Killeen at the time Furguson did what He did. I was playing My guitar and singing

    when a Guy came walking into the area I had My tent set up, I was homeless for a spell, He was yelling My name just like it

    was said on the Simpsons. I was working for a good Freind of Mr. Pattisons at the time, He would have known exactly where

    I was. I told His Freind after I figured out what game They are playing, His name is Jon Peirson, to tell Him to say, "Eeaah."

    to prove what They are up to. It was said on Tyler Perrys show, "They said Grandpa Kelly says Eeaah.". This is not a hoax

    and has Me angered enough to take matters into My own hands. I really would rather have it handled in a manner that keeps

    Me from going to jail. This is an outrage, and highly insulting to My life. I thank You for Your time and await a positive

    response, sincerely_______"

    Just.. WoW

    • roberte8

      At last, a sensible complaint!

  • Eddie Vedder

    Would love to read bio's on each on every one of those humans that wrote those….must be the saddest read ever.

  • Mack Stevens

    these christians are in dire need of getting laid


      Or kicked repeatedly in the groin.

  • Indecentmybum

    If you look at the South Park ones, the handwriting looks suspiciously the same. Like one dude got made and watched every episode of South Park just to complain about it.

  • natman2939

    I've seen a lot of downright stupid people on the internet, but nothing compared to the type of people who make these kinds of calls and letters. I can only assume it's because they haven't figured out how to use the internet.

  • faggot

    theyre all faggots and so are you

  • asshole

    fucking faggots

  • cunt

    fucking christian faggots

  • Nick

    All these people want is money. What about the shows that are worse than this one? The FCC needs to lay off people, we have freedom of speech and religion so the "satanic views" are someones choice. People can think other ways. Its a 2 way street. Build yourself a bridge and get over it

  • Ozymandias

    there are millions of stupid people waiting to be offended somewhere.

  • Groth1175

    I'm offended by people who bitch and moan about being offended,

  • Cmj

    These are all pretty much typical complaints that they recieve all the time. No matter what the simpsons will get complaints from people who supposedly find certain things offensive. But that is because they are square and have no sense of humor. Shows that go above and beyond and show raw emotion and comedy such as the simpsons is what makes it one of the best shows of all time. The fact that a show can make you cry but then come back around and also make you laugh is what makes the show feel as if you are not watching a "cartoon" or an animated show, but you are watching people go through real life situations which are simular to your family. It will go down without a doubt to be the best and longest running television show of all time. One of the episodes I am mentioning in particular is when Homer finally founds out his mother was in fact still alive. And there are of course dozens of others. Kudos Simpsons for making it this long on what's come to be highly competitive television.

  • Applebee

    This would be a fun pop-up video.

  • Another musician

    These people do know how to change the channel, I would hope. Who said "the Simpson's" was a kids show anyway? We all know it is for stoners and people who can laugh at the absurdities of reality and not talk life so seriously that they miss the fun.

  • Ann

    I think a lot of the comments were fair, and it's interesting that nobody is allowed to say "hey, I don't like this" anymore. After all, you all seem to think it's okay to slam them.

    • Alex Cobb

      There's nothing wrong with saying you don't like something. There is something wrong with not liking a harmless things and expecting everyone to trip all over himself to appease you.