Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Nasim Pedrad to Co-Star in Fox's 'Mulaney', Potentially Leaving 'SNL'

Splitsider has learned that Saturday Night Live cast member Nasim Pedrad will be joining the cast of John Mulaney's upcoming Fox sitcom, Mulaney, which the network greenlit this morning. Pedrad starred in the original pilot for the show, which NBC produced and passed on last season, as one of Mulaney's roommates. At the end of last season, she was poised to leave SNL, where she's been a cast member since 2009, if NBC ordered the pilot to series. After this morning's news that Fox has ordered Mulaney to series, we know Pedrad will still be on the show, but we're awaiting confirmation about whether she's leaving SNL. It'd be impossible schedule-wise to star on a network sitcom while being in the SNL cast, so this is probably a safe bet. Mulaney is produced by Lorne Michaels and NBC's parent company's TV studio, Universal TV, making an early exit from her SNL contract a possibility.

Currently in her fifth season on the show, Pedrad is SNL's current longest-serving female cast member. If she does exit SNL, she'll be part of a big wave of cast member exits. Longtime SNLers Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Jason Sudeikis left in May, while featured player Tim Robinson transitioned to the writing staff for the new season and Seth Meyers is expected to depart to take over NBC's Late Night before his version of the show starts up in February.

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  • briantarnold

    It seems like SNL doesn't have a clue what to do with her, so if she has an opportunity elsewhere, I wouldn't blame her.

    • Not-Jello Biafra

      She is a very talented young woman. Odd thing about that show is nobody looks happy working on it.

  • Carol

    Aww, I'd be heartbroken. Nasim is such a great cast member! She gives spot on impressions, has funny characters, and is great as a utility member. She has been criminally underused on Saturday Night Live, however, so I would hope she gets better treatment.

    • zen weapons

      It's crazy to think she's the veteran woman on SNL considering it feels like she never left featured player status.

      I personally enjoy her characters, I feel like she did a character similar to Bedilia (not Tippy) it might have been a boy. Does anyone remember this character or does it not exist?

      • AGoodQuestion

        I do remember her playing a socially awkward young boy. Not sure if the character appeared more than once.

      • SEDA-GIVE

        She did the character at least twice. Once with Tina Fey and another time with…I wanna say…Paul Rudd?

      • Mik

        She played a boy whose Dad wanted to teach him how to fight. Bryan Cranston was the host.

        • zen weapons

          Thank you! To the internet!
          Watching it on Netflix now, this was a pretty solid episode.
          The boy's name is Henry.

  • AGoodQuestion

    Wonder if that was why she was hardly in the season premiere. The good thing about this is that SNL is more likely to do justice to five women in the cast than six, in terms of giving them a showcase. Good luck to her wherever she ends up.

  • Tyler

    Does anyone remember a time on SNL when Lorne Michaels' sexist regime didn't take over the show? His entire show feels like patriarchal propaganda ever since Amy left… the Fey era of women really changed the show, but Kristen Wiig took all of their hard earned progress away. Nasim possibly leaving is just the latest in the strong line of female comics (Casey, Michaela, Abby) leaving the show after not being featured to their full potential.

  • Kennedy

    But doesn't this make SNL's nonwhite cast into 2 members? Kenan can't play every black female! If Nasim would leave, this would make SNL more and more white. It isn't 1956 anymore. Keep Nasim and hire other funny nonwhite comics as well. If MadTV could do it, Saturday Night Live certainly can.

    • could i be anymore stupid

      they should also just fire all the white people and replace them with non-whites. you're right this isn't 1956 anymore since nobody likes white people, who are by far the lamest, dorkiest, un-funniest, most obnoxious and least talented race. it's arguable that they aren't even human.

  • OnECenTX

    Nasim will probably go down as one of the most underrated/unused SNLers of all-time.

  • Leah

    But why was Fred Armisen who's entire shtick was not being funny on for a decade…